Great!  You’re “In”!

Your first idea, hint, or suggestion will arrive in your email box within the next few hours, so watch for it!

This series is built to help you maximize your results (potential client contacts) in the least amount of planning or editing time. One improvement will be introduced in each of the 13 emails – starting today.

Can’t ask for more, can you?

Here is a brief overview of what to expect from the series:

We’ll begin with a few truths:

With an average of 15,000+ visitors a month, the AdvoConnection Directory is your best source of new business online.

Only a portion of those visitors seek YOU. (But yeah… OK… a portion of 15,000 is still pretty good!) If they search in your specific geographical area, or for your specific services, then you want to be sure they find you!  (But of course, if they need different services, or require help in an area you don’t focus on, then you probably won’t hear from them anyway.)

Our goal through this series is to be sure that IF they find your listing (and that’s where we’re going to start – improving that IF) – then they will stop looking and either pick up the phone to call you, send you an email, check out your website, or fill out the form at the bottom of your listing.

Once they contact you, then you will need to be well-versed in carrying on that conversation and moving them into a contract and payment.

But for now, our job through this series is to focus strictly on encouraging them to contact you based on what they see and read in your AdvoConnection Directory listing. We’re going to work on upping the numbers of people who connect, maximizing your opportunities to engage them as clients.

Watch your email for the first of the series. It should arrive within the next hour or two.

That’s it! The rest of the series will unfold over time – about 24 days to be exact.

(If you don’t receive your first email within a few hours, please check back with us. We want you to receive them. We want you to succeed!)

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