image of advocates in a groupAdd-Ons:  Extra Categories

Find the master list of all service categories at right.

The first 5 categories are covered with your membership.

1 additional category = $25*
2 additional categories = $35*
5 additional categories = $50 plus $10 for each additional*
All categories (18) = $100 total additional*

These are one time charges. They do not recur, as long as you maintain your membership.

Categories are added to your current listing. Once paid, category fees are not refundable.

If you would like to list extra service categories on your AdvoConnection Profile. please fill out the form below.


Master List of All Service Categories

  1. Medical / Navigation Assistance (Helping you work with your medical providers)
  2. Hospital Bedside, or Travel / Accompaniment to Appointments
  3. Medication Reviews: Prescription Drugs, over-the-Counter, Supplements
  4. Geriatric / Eldercare or Home Health Services
  5. Integrative, Holistic, Complementary, Alternative Therapies
  6. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Assistance
  7. Pain Management
  8. Health Insurance – Choices and Review
  9. Medical Billing or Insurance Claims, Denials: Review, Reduction, Negotation
  10. Disability (SSDI and others) and Long Term Care Claims and Filings
  11. Guardianship / Conservatorship / Fiduciary Care
  12. Legal Assistance related to health or medical care
  13. Mediation (Helping families manage healthcare-related disagreements)
  14. End of Life Decisions, Advance Directives, Planning and Paperwork
  15. Dental Advocacy
  16. Prevention and Wellness Coaching, exercise, diet, weight loss, prescription drug reviews
  17. Pregnancy, Birth, Pediatric Assistance
  18. Medical Tourism
  19. Other (see listing description)