image of advocates in a groupAdd-Ons:  Adding a New Location (+ADL)

Great!  You’ve paid for at least one additional location (a new zip or postal code).  Now let’s get that new profile online!

You have two choices, both described further below.

  1. You can start from scratch to build a whole new profile.
  2. You can ask us to duplicate your existing profile, then make edits to it.

Start from Scratch:

You’ll add this new listing just like you added your original.

  1. Log in to the profile site:
  2. At the top, click on “Haven’t established your profile listing yet?” – because you haven’t established the new one yet.
  3. Choose your service categories (up to 5 categories. If you have already paid for extra categories, you may add this to this listing too, at no additional charge.)
  4. Choose your Listing Level (+ADL Listing)
  5. Important!  Where it asks for your Business or Practice Name: Your new listing will need a new title because no two listings can have the same title. You can make it to be whatever you want that’s slightly different from your original. We suggest adding something about the location to make it unique (“Bay Area” or “Greater New York” or whatever would be appropriate.) If you don’t add a new title, it will simply come out with a -2 appended to it. (We have no control over that.)
  6. Go ahead and fill out the rest of the fields, making the same choices you made before, but with your new zip or postal code, of course.
  7. When it comes time to pay for the extra listing, use this code so it will not cost you anything (and you won’t have to go to Paypal):
    (case sensitive)

That’s it! We will be notified that you have filled out the new profile, and we’ll approve it for your new zip or postal code.  You’ll receive a notice when it is published.

Repeat for as many new zip or postal codes as you have paid for.

From now on, when you log in, you’ll see all your locations listed on the Manage Your Profile Listing page.


Start with a Duplicate Listing:

We are able to duplicate your existing profile so you’ll need only to edit it to make it fit your new location.

In this case, you’ll need to touch base with us first so we can make the duplication for you.

  1. Send us an email ( )  telling us the new business or practice name you’d like to use (see #5 above.)  If you have paid for more than one additional profile listing, then send us new names for each zip or postal code location.
  2. We’ll create the duplicate listing(s) and will notify you to log in to make your edits.
  3. One you’ve received your notice, log in to the Profiles site and you’ll see all your listings. Choose your new one(s) to edit.
  4. You should not have a payment issue because we will have fixed that already during the duplication process.

Questions?  Contact us.