Active Assist Home Care Services

Active Assist HCS Patient Advocates and Care Management
Active Assist Home Care Services
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Michelle T Tucker RN, BSN, FCCS, BCPA
City, State, or Location:

108G Greentree Rd, Turnersville NJ 08012. Serving: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Nationwide.

Active Assist Home Care Services is a Patient Advocate and Care Management Agency. We are located at 108 Greentree Rd, Unit G, Turnersville NJ 08012. TO CHAT WITH US CLICK THIS LINK:


  • Our scope of practice includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Coordinate Care: Medical, Mental Health, Home Care, and In Home Services.
  • On Site Assessments:
    Clarify understanding of treatments, medications, care plans and outcomes.
  • Help clients understand the numerous care options available.
  • Assist with coordination of medical care appointments.
  • Review and clarify medical records.
  • Contact your provider and/ or insurer to maximize your care and insurance resources.
  • Bridge the gap for family members who are unable to assist with the day to day healthcare management needs. We follow-up with family members via telephone and/or video conferences. Have peace of mind knowing your personal nurse advocate is there to help.
  • Follow up with clients and doctors regarding healthcare appointments and treatment plans.
  • Attend health appointments with clients to ensure proper understanding of diagnosis, treatment, and follow up. We ensure client concerns are heard and evaluated. We help you get the best out of your care team.
  • Attend family meetings in home or in the hospital. We advocate for our clients so that all care is driven by the clients wishes. Often, we are there to support the family and help clients and their families through difficult decisions and conversations.
  • Visit with clients in facilities to monitor care and ensure that clients needs are met.
  • We help clients navigate challenging healthcare systems, treatments and decisions.
  • We ensure that our clients are heard, respected and are well care for.
    Nurse care managers assist with the care management of clients and family members that cannot always be present to make appointments, attend appointments, and follow-up with care.


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Phone: 856-374-1580
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