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Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Marina Emery
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San Francisco, CA; Bay Area, CA; Northern CA; East Bay, CA; North Bay, CA; Peninsula, CA; South Bay, CA; Nationwide

Are you feeling lost or scared because you've just been told you have a serious diagnosis like cancer? I can help you understand your disease and care plan. Are you frustrated because you can't get a hold of your doctor? Because your care is being delayed? I can bridge the gaps in communication.

I am dedicated to giving you a voice, getting the answers you deserve, and providing peace of mind when you need it most - right now.

I have experience as a Registered Nurse in intensive care units; 10 years in oncology/cancer care; and 5 years as a Nurse Practitioner at one of the most well-regarded institutions in the world. As a healthcare insider with an intimate understanding of the system, I will make sure you are heard and you get the best care.

Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for: More than 5 years
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for: Up to 2 years
For More Information:
Phone: 415-289-9554
Advocate's Rating: (4)
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We all worry about our parents, but Marina has taken a huge load off of our shoulders and so that we can focus on enjoying our time together. Marina has helped my parents to get set up with their medical needs in California, something that would have been nearly impossible for me to help with. She is an expert for them to turn to when they have questions – where to go, which doctors are right, how to work with insurance, which services or scans are really needed, etc. Marina is like a translator between the complex world of healthcare and the everyday life that we all know. She guides you through that world and shows you what it all means and how to navigate it. What did the doctor mean by that note?… How serious is that diagnosis?… What should I keep an eye on?... Marina has the answers. In fact, I now find myself calling her with my own issues!
Brian Dema | November 12, 2019
As a former ICU nurse, I thought I would be better equipped to make important decisions about my own health. Here’s the thing. When something happens to me personally, it’s a lot harder to think clearly about the available options. So when I found a lump in my breast, I subsequently found myself in the doctor’s office discussing what to do about it. She wanted to do something invasive and skip other available (and more logical) preliminary steps. Fortunately for me, I had Marina’s expert guidance and she was able to calmly and clearly tell me exactly what to do. I left the appointment feeling well cared for and VERY lucky to have her in my corner. I trust this woman with my life, and would trust her to guide the care for anyone that I love.
Katherine Woodward | November 10, 2019
Cancer treatment is horrifying, but I would actually look forward to my weekly appointments because of Marina. She was intensely intelligent, efficient, and caring. Marina has a magical blend of professionalism and personal connection with her patients. She is extremely knowledgable and knows how to navigate the healthcare system with graceful ease. I wish her on every patient.
N. Jones | November 9, 2019
Our wonderful luck, Marina Emery. Due to a cross country move, my wife and I suddenly needed all new medical providers. As seniors with several health issues, getting new ones proved to be more of a challenge than we realized or were prepared for. Marina has been a godsend to us in many ways and in the high quality of her recommended medical professionals. Not only is she efficient and comfortable to work with, but she is brilliant in the handling of the many difficult medical care problems we faced. Her knowledge and insights are amazing and she is always there for you. Marina is a total winner and we highly recommend her.
Rich Dema | September 3, 2019

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