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Donna Seibert, M.D.
Alongside Medical Ally
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Donna Seibert, M.D.
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Greater Boston, North Shore of Boston area including Ipswich, Newburyport, Hamilton, Wenham, Topsfield, Boxford, Manchester

Overwhelmed by a scary diagnosis?  Confused by medical jargon? Not sure where to find reliable and accurate information? Don't do the journey alone.  Find peace of mind by using Alongside Medical Ally, serving Boston, North Shore of Boston, and surrounding area. Services include:

  • Preparation for and attendance at all medical appointments to assist communication and promote patient’s agenda
  • Provide summary of all medical visits and update patient’s medical profile
  • Individualized healthcare planning
  • Comprehensive case management
  • Research medical condition(s) and current treatment options
  • Research of current clinical trials
  • Geriatrics/Elder Care
  • Pediatric Oncology
  • Medical record reviews
  • Medication reviews
  • Management of communication between all medical professionals
  • Assistance finding medical specialists to fit your needs or second opinions
  • Management of hospitalizations and discharge planning
  • Assistance with ongoing homecare options
  • Assistance with transitions to assisted living facilities and nursing homes
  • Assistance with end of life choices, palliative care and hospice choices

Dr. Donna will come alongside you and your family and use her medical expertise so you can have a better experience and patient outcome. Peace of mind is within reach. Contact me today: 978-412-6532  Find out what 30 years of experience can do for you.

Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for: More than 5 years
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for: 2 to 5 years
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Phone: 978-412-6532
Advocate's Rating: (4)
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  • Alongside Medical Ally
  • Alongside Medical Ally
  • Alongside Medical Ally


Recently, I had a health scare just before I was planning to be out of town for couple months. I ended up going to a number of doctors, endless and repetitious test. I was not sure if everything should be done was getting done. I was lost in the system as the departure date was getting close. Dr Seibert was my sounding board. She was able to put my mind into ease, explained everything in laymen’s terms, what to expect and when. She made sure whatever need to be done, got done. She helped me to communicate better with my doctors. I am thankful that she was available during this time of health concerns. Knowing that she will be there is a great comfort.
B. Thompson | November 7, 2019
Professional, competent, compassionate are just a few words I would use to describe Dr.Donna. I am grateful for her being an ally for my mother’s medical care. She is instrumental on many level’s. She understands the complex medical community and knows how to communicate with patients, their families and at the very important doctor to doctor level. This is crucial in getting best medical treatment possible. Dr. Donna is equipped at all times, with the right questions to ask. Many of us think we can look at the internet and speak with a doctor on behalf of our loved one, but in reality having an advocate, with a medical degree, in your corner, who can speak and sometimes challenge at a peer level, goes a long way in preventing errors and increases chances of best outcomes. Dr. Donna is also one of the most honest and genuine people I have ever met. Her level of empathy, kindness and capability is hard to find anywhere else.
Marianne | November 4, 2019
In urgent need of an operation, I could not arrange my post-op care. I turned to Dr. Donna Seibert after exhausting several options. She quickly and expertly made the arrangements that allowed my operation to occur as scheduled. Doing so removed the stress and frustration I was experiencing. Today, I'm healthy and have a great appreciation of the role Dr. Seibert played in my medical care. Without her expertise, I couldn't have achieved a happy outcome!
David Skinner | October 21, 2019
There is no one better to have by your side when navigating the healthcare system!
Jessica Ventura | October 21, 2019

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