Amazing Healthcare Consultants

Amazing Healthcare Consultants
Amazing Healthcare Consultants
Dr. Carol G. DeVore

Located in Southeastern Michigan; many services are available throughout the U.S.

Our team includes medical and insurance experts and healthcare advocates who are by our clients' side as they wind their way through today's complicated healthcare and health insurance systems. We bridge the gap between care and providers by communicating and advocating for our clients. Speaking the "languages" of medicine, insurance and medical billing allows us to get answers more quickly and relieves the stress of those we serve.

Our Health Insurance Consultants assure that our clients understand the details of their health insurance policy to make sure that they are getting every benefit they are paying for.  We handle all communication with medical and insurance providers, we negotiate fees and arrange payment plans, we manage the formal appeals process if a claim is denied or underpaid, and we resolve open medical bills after the death of a loved one.

Our Health Information Consultants connect people to their personal health information by creating a "Medical Portfolio" or a "Personal Health Record" (PHR). A PHR helps people to become more involved in their own health and health care, coordinates and combines information from multiple providers, and helps to ensure patient information is always available - think how important this is in an emergency, with a new medical diagnosis, while traveling, or when seeing a new physician.  Having access to complete medical records also encourages family health management; it can help parents caring for young children, family members of any age with a chronic illness or an acute healthcare crisis, families who live far apart, and those caring for elderly parents. There's a great software tool we use that allows for user friendly retrieval of all of this information, from anywhere one can access the Internet, even on a smartphone!

Our goal is to guide individuals and families to make well informed decisions about their healthcare and health insurance so that they can focus on what matters most to them.
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Amazing Healthcare Consultants



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