Anchor Healthcare Advocates

Anchor Healthcare Advocates
Anchor Healthcare Advocates
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Diane Eggert
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Tampa, Florida

Using an array of tools a team of registered nurses and yoga instructors will personalize your healthcare journey to create a dynamic and unique health and wellness experience.

Our nurses will conduct an initial interview for all ages gathering your medical and social history to get to know you better and establish a nursing plan of care. Anchor collaborates with an array of  healthcare providers to bring the client to homeostasis. This can be during an acute event or chronic illness with exacerbation. Desires and goals of the client are paramount in all phases of our journey together.

The nurse-physician relationship has been found to be the ideal model to identify and provide a treatment plan toward better patient outcomes. As you will find, the physician provider welcomes the nurse advocate's expertise and knowledge in identifying and relaying changes of the disease process.

Anchor will meet you at your physician appointments, emergency room or hospital stays. Acting as your advocate to facilitate a smooth experience, explaining the healthcare process and providing support to the client and their family.

Along the way, Anchor will continue services weekly, bi-monthly or however we decide will meet your personal situation. This will be determined after our initial assessment is complete.

Integrating yoga and meditation in our daily lives during an acute or chronic medical diagnosis reduces blood pressure, heart rate, and clears the mind of clutter. Anchor provides 1:1 yoga and/or meditation to clients and their loved ones.

The healthcare system is already complex.  Humans are complex.  Navigating takes a special person with experience and compassion for humans.  Anchor provides the missing piece using an integrative approach to assist in your healthcare journey.


Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for: More than 5 years
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For More Information: Anchor Healthcare Advocates
Phone: 813-539-2526
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