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Baby Boom Health
Baby Boom Health
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Cheryl A. Scharoun, RN BSN Board Certfied Patient Advocate
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Have you ever left a doctor's appointment feeling frustrated, confused, and felt you were not listened to? Sadly this happens far to often. Has the doctor communicated to you a life changing diagnosis?  What happened?  If you are like me you did not hear anything else,  it was a blur.  You walked out of his office feeling hopeless, scared, and depressed.  You probably went home and called a loved one or friend.  In trying to discuss with them what the physician said you realize you only heard the diagnosis.  This happens to all of us, our emotions took over!   My goal is to alleviate your stress and frustration.   I am a registered  nurse with over 30 years of diversified experience.  I will advocate for you to ensure your health care goals are met. I will be your voice.  Some of the many services I offer are medical record review, review of medication prescribed, education, to ensure the patient and the family understand the diagnosis and treatment plan. I will look for gaps in care and make recommendations.  I have a pharmacist on the team for medication reviews.  I offer preparation for medical appointments to ensure you leave your 10-15 minute appointment with your quesions answered and a better understanding of your treatment plan.   I will do as little or as much as you need me to do.  An informed patient is a healthier patient.  My goal is to educate you on the risks and benefits of treatment options, medical tests, and medications.

Remember I work for you, you are the boss! Please call today for a complimentary consultation.  Together we will navigate through the healthh care system with less stress!

Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for: More than 5 years
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for: More than 5 years
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Phone: 919-622-0840
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Cheryl provided me with outstanding guidance in better dealing with my chronic issues. Pick her if you want to protect your loved one.
John Behun | November 14, 2019
Cheryl Thaank you for all your support and guidance and professionalism. Through the past 6-7 weeks you have been a great hlp through all our medical obstacles we faced. Please use us for a reference Mack and Gloria
Gloria and Mack M | March 8, 2018

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