Beacon Oncology Nurse Advocates

Beacon Oncology Nurse Advocates
Beacon Oncology Nurse Advocates
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Lea Ann Biafora
City, State, or Location:

Florida; nationwide

Founded in 2012, Beacon Oncology Nurse Advocates are experienced RNs specializing in hematology/oncology.

Our goal is to improve our clients’ cancer care experience by delivering services designed to promote patient empowerment through informed decision-making that results in improved clinical outcomes. We:

  • Are knowledgeable about the delivery of health care services involving cancer issues
  • Understand the complexity of patient care
  • Understand the health insurance realm
  • Understand the importance of taking care of the whole patient
  • Anticipate issues related to cancer treatment

Each client/patient is matched with their own oncology nurse and services are tailored to meet their unique needs to ensure the patient is at the center of care.

Beacon RN cancer nurse advocates help our clients:

·         Eliminate barriers to excellent care

·         Navigate the complexities of cancer care within the healthcare maze

·         Provide peace of mind

·         Understand insurance benefits

·         Understand disease and treatment options

·         Develop a list of questions to discuss with our clients' medical team

·         Compare planned treatments to scientific (evidence-based) clinical treatment guidelines

·         Research clinical treatment and clinical trial options, if requested

·         Guide through changes in treatment regimens

·         Review and organize all medical records and bills

·         Coordinate all or parts of cancer care

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Phone: 727-490-8777
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  • Beacon Oncology Nurse Advocates
  • Beacon Oncology Nurse Advocates


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