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Best Care Patient Advocacy LLC

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Best Care Patient Advocacy LLC
Best Care Patient Advocacy LLC
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name:
Ann Thomas, BA, BCPA
City, State, or Location:

Asheville, North Carolina- Office Location
Also servicing:
Western North Carolina
North Western South Carolina
Eastern Tennessee
Board Certified for US and Canada -available remotely


  • Collect, Review, and Organize all your medical information and take the time to explain and discuss it with you. All of your documents will be digital and ready for future use.
  • Examine all medications and supplements to evaluate potential conflicts or side effects.
  • Help you prepare for and/or accompany you to medical appointments.
  • Coordinate care and communication between all your providers, and if applicable relay information to loved ones.
  • Visit clients/patients in retirement communities, assisted living, and nursing facilities to act as a liaison and relay information on their health status and plan of care to loved ones.
  • Monitor hospital bedside care, safety supervision, and communication with staff and loved ones.
  • Be On Call as emergency medical contact, or for your existing medical contact to call for assistance.
  • Research medical literature and explore all treatment options available to you.
  • Locate clinical trials available to you.
  • Facilitate getting second opinions as needed.
  • Teach family members and caregivers how to help advocate for you.
  • Interpret and help audit medical bills and insurance coverage, and assist with the appeal procedure as needed.
  • Provide caregiver support and relief.

“I am a busy attorney with a hectic schedule. Having Ann as a healthcare advocate has allowed me to concentrate on my work and not my medical requirements. I think every busy professional should have an advocate like Ann. She accompanies me (often by phone) to my appointments, keeps records of conversations with physicians, asks the right questions, helps assess diagnoses and tracks my progress. Her organizational skills and medical knowledge are invaluable in making me feel secure that I am finally being taken care of properly and have all pertinent information available for my physicians and health care providers. Ann is readily available and incredibly knowledgeable in the services she performs.”

Rick Hoffman
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for:
2 to 5 years
Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for:
More than 10 years
Background Check?:
For More Information:
Advocate's Rating:


Ann Thomas was exactly what my independent 95-year-old mother and I needed. I lived too far away to be there for Mom at doctors’ appointments and wasn’t always getting the details on her care. Ann was able to be with her during doctor’s appointments and give me a thorough recap of what transpired. She is knowledgeable and persistent and brings clarity to the process. She also has a good sense of humor, loads of common sense and is supremely ethical. Mom enjoyed the time they spent together waiting for doctors’ appointments, how great is that? Mom has since moved to be close to me and therefore we are missing Ann. She knows the right questions to ask and is a caring advocate. I do not hesitate to recommend her highly to anyone who needs help navigating our complex medical care systems.

Michele Vernon | April 28, 2021

From the moment I called Ann I knew I was in good hands. She immediately exuded confidence on medical subjects and it was clear she possessed an in-depth understanding of the complex healthcare industry. Not only did Ann already have connections within the industry, but she was also able to forge new relationships that were beneficial to my unique situation. Through her efforts, Ann was able to save me approximately $20,000 in erroneous medical bills.
Ann is very personable, persistent, and reliable. She also exhibits enormous attention to detail. She has the ability to parse large amounts of billing and medical information into an actionable plan. Through this persistence and attention to detail, Ann was able to right an injustice and lift a considerable stress from my life. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the work that Ann completed for me and would recommend her without reservation.

Gary Tuerack
Asheville, NC

Gary | August 21, 2020

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