Best Patient Advocacy, LLC.

Best Patient Advocacy, LLC.
Best Patient Advocacy, LLC.
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Dana Best, MD, MPH
City, State, or Location:

Maryland; Washington, DC; Northern Virginia; and Nationwide

As an independent patient advocate, Dr. Best provides expert analysis and understanding of a client's diagnosis, treatment plan, and recovery options. Her services may include review of the medical literature on a diagnosis or recommended treatment, evaluation of physicians and surgeons (e.g., if you need a second opinion), evaluation of rehabilitation facilities, or supervision of home health, inpatient, or outpatient services. Dr. Best’s involvement is determined by you, the client, and can be for a long or short period, whichever is needed by you and your family.

The most important characteristic of an independent patient advocate is that the patient advocate doesn’t work for the insurance company, the hospital, or any other entity. The patient advocate works FOR the patient and ONLY the patient. Dr. Best works only for you.

Best Patient Advocacy offers a complimentary 15-minute introductory phone consultation with Dr. Best. During that phone call, she will briefly discuss your needs and our services. The primary goal of the phone call is to determine if Best Patient Advocacy can help you achieve your goals. Please feel free to call today.

Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for: More than 5 years
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for: 2 to 5 years
Phone: 301-351-6429
Advocate's Rating: (7)
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Dr. Best's knowledge and skills are invaluable to her clients navigating the healthcare system and recommended treatments. She readily translates medical speak to understandable terms for her clients. She raises pertinent issues for the client, as well. Her support through advocacy is broad so anxiety melts away. Dr. Best's advocacy far exceeds my expectations. She is always there and ready to help.
S. Bonds | November 12, 2019
I am so glad that I found Dr. Best! My issue involved removing erroneous information on my health record. Dr. Best was very easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable. She was able to help me right away and provided very good, straight-forward advice on what to do and how best to communicate with the health care professionals involved. Without her help, I would not have known how to proceed. She is very responsive and professional and her medical experience is invaluable. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing help navigating the medical industry.
Lynda | February 13, 2019
I have been dealing with chronic pain for more than 20 years. It's a bad combination - not feeling well & dealing with medications & going to doctors all the time. I hired Dana to help me figure out a new way to live the next 20 or more. I am not exaggerating when I say she changed my life - for the better. I really appreciated her meticulous approach to what did I want her to do. She spent the first month on my case reviewing all my records & turning my medical files into something useful for the doctors. Dana still practicing medicine - you can tell she know what doctors want to read and what is not useful She does an amazing job keeping you on task. You don't feel rushed, she's good at asking questions and identifying the best ways to approach problems. I'm not actively using her services right now, but I still consider her my advocate!
Diana G | October 17, 2018
Dana Best; Better than the best! A family’s worst nightmare: A life threatening hospitalization of a family member No one lives nearby, all at least a two hour plane ride away Immediate familial intervention required Patient transferred to another state/city for potential surgery Family representative had to be there within 12 hours Patient too sick to speak for himself Eighty year old parents moving to CCR, selling house. Medical staff not terribly kind or supportive While Dana Best didn’t ride in on a white horse she clearly has super powers worthy of a hero. Our scenario could not have been more frightening but thanks to Dana Best a horrible tragedy was averted. As it is in most families these days, siblings, parents and extended relatives are far flung across the US (and even other countries) making it nearly impossible to rush to any member’s side without time spent planning; flights, cars, hotels and all sorts of details that need to be handled prior to racing to the loved one’s side. For us, Dana was able to get to our family member’s side immediately and begin the process of gaining access to records, having legal forms completed, assess the situation, introduce herself to medical staff as our family’s spokesperson and provide an incredible level of confidence in a positive outcome. She stayed in contact, explained the same things over and over to a family of non-medical people in a way that made sense and allowed decision-making to be less overwhelming. Our initial situation became somewhat adversarial with the physician in charge and Dana was able to manage both doctor and myself to get what our family needed for my ailing brother. The processes, jargon, double talk and paperwork were paralyzing for me and Dana was able to explain what was really happening, what medical folks were actually saying and how to get what we needed when we needed it. There are a lot of things that happen and require attention when something like this happens and families need to rally. During the two months of hospitalization our family was able to leave the bedside to return home without concern, knowing that Dana Best would be there, check on him and stay engaged to ensure that the best decisions were being made to ensure a full recovery. Dana is kind, supportive, thorough, tough and effective in her role. Our crisis has passed but her involvement has not ended. She kindly stays involved on the periphery and maintains contact so that if there were to be another issue she would be at the ready to step back into her role as advocate. For us, she was our hero in a very dark time and she is now a member of our family. Thank you Dana, you are incredible.
Jennifer | March 22, 2018
I contacted Dr. Best via this website and she promptly communicated with me to schedule a telephonic interview. She called on time, and after reviewing my case it appeared that all the services that an advocate could provide were already addressed. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and honest (I did not get a sales pitch). If I get to a point where I needed her services I would definitely engage her.
John S. | March 18, 2018
I suffer with IBD, headaches, & chronic pain. Dr. Dana has been more than amazing. I find great comfort in speaking with her. She is extremely knowledgeable. She also responds to phone calls & emails very quickly. Dr. Dana has & continues to give my husband & I the help & guidance we need so I can be the best me. I highly recommend Dr. Dana to anyone feeling lost in the medical world & looking for guidance.
April Knox | December 22, 2017
Dana provided me with very helpful information about possible resources for planning the care of my elderly parents and developmentally disabled (and elderly) aunt. I was so pleased to have been able to talk with someone who knows the medical system well, and who has some solid, practical information about navigating what can be very confusing eldercare options. I highly recommend Dr. Best to anyone who needs medical or caregiver advice.
Anne, Alexandria, VA | October 11, 2017

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