Boston Health Advocates, LLC

Boston Health Advocates, LLC
Boston Health Advocates, LLC
Stacey Batista, MD

Boston, MA area and nationwide

Managing through an illness can be overwhelming.  As physicians and patients both, we've seen the struggle, in many different situations.  A parent with dementia, a child with a life-threatening illness, an unexpected diagnosis in the prime of life.

We help you regain control.  We establish a clear path forward, and provide ongoing support, knowledge and coordination.

Scope of Services includes:

Assistance with issues around diagnosis and treatment, including

Understanding a diagnosis or illness

Referral for a second opinion
Support after a diagnosis
Assistance understanding treatment options
Support when deciding treatment
Assistance identifying clinical trials or alternative therapies

Coordination of Care and Support
Assistance creating and maintaining a medical team
Coordination of resources and support

Medical Decision Making
Help gathering information
Assistance identifying priorities
Support for beliefs and values

Family Matters
Support talking about illness
Assistance identifying resources for guidance
Resources for partners and children

Assistance securing medical leave
Help understanding or securing health benefits
Assistance with ADA accommodations
Strategies for keeping a job during illness
Assistance (re)evaluating career/job satisfaction

Medical Billing/insurance
Help sorting out prescription drug coverage
Explanation of medical insurance coverage
Assistance finding resources
Help establishing a payment plan
Advocacy through an appeal or grievance process
Identification of options to address medical debt

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  • Boston Health Advocates, LLC
  • Boston Health Advocates, LLC


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Boston Health Advocates, LLC



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