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Brevard Healthcare Navigation, LLC
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Tara Bailey, MPA, CMC, RG, CSA, BCPA
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Brevard County, FL

Are you frustrated and overwhelmed?  Do you need SOLUTIONS?

I have been right where you are and felt as though the physicians could not see the problems I tried to convey regarding my mother-in-laws failing health.  While raising two teenagers and working on my undergraduate degree, I was simultaneously caring for my mother-in-law who required more and more of my time.  I was frustrated that physician offices had no answers for my continued requests for help.  While searching for solutions, I decided that I would focus my future professional work in areas that would bring relief, solutions and peace of mind to others navigating the broken healthcare delivery continuum.  Today, families and clients are benefitting from the work of patient advocates, care managers, social workers, etc. as we all seek to give you the help you need.

Why do you need Brevard Healthcare Navigation?

When families face medical crises or functional decline in their loved ones, they may not know how to obtain the care and resources needed to ensure safety in the days to come. My team and I serve as the liaison and advocate between our clients and community-based health care service providers, facilities, and communities.

We assist the client and family in understanding the options so they may make informed decisions that are best suited for their family. Should clients be hospitalized, we work with discharge planners and community service providers in order to prevent re-hospitalization and encourage medication compliance, follow up appointments, and safety measures in the home.

We provide the expertise needed to create a safe discharge and transition for future care needs. Healthcare transition planning requires attention to detail when solutions are being proposed.  Our clients receive expedient and cost-effective care plans that address their individual needs.  Our goal is to return them to a balanced work and home life as quickly as possible.

Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for
More than 10 years
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for
More than 10 years
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  • Brevard Healthcare Navigation, LLC
  • Brevard Healthcare Navigation, LLC
  • Brevard Healthcare Navigation, LLC


Tara was a Godsend at just the right moment in my caretaker journey. She helped me sort out all the overwhelming obstacles in my path, pointed me in the right direction, and enabled us to have confidence in our future. Her compassion & healthcare experience were essential in aiding us where others had failed. We are now able to connect all the other available services & even give some needed guidance to others in similar circumstances. Thank you, Tara, for allowing us to breathe peacefully once again!

John Bird | August 30, 2022

had the opportunity to speak with Tara , about advocats during this time of Covid and Hospital restriction. Tara had some very good advice and guidance. Tara will be one of the many people I will be calling in the unforceen event I or family should be hospitalized during and after. she has lots or resources at her finger tips that i would not. Thank you again for you time. Hope That I Don’t need you, but very reassuring that you will be if I do.

Julie | September 7, 2021

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