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Calliope Patient Advocates, LLC

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Catherine Marshall
Calliope Patient Advocates, LLC
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name:
Catherine G Marshall
City, State, or Location:

South Windsor, CT
Hartford and Tolland Counties, CT

Calliope (pronounced: kuh-LIE-oh-pee) Patient Advocates, LLC was founded in 2019 by Catherine Marshall.

The Healthcare System in the US is extremely complex making it challenging for us to understand how to get access to healthcare resources to which we are entitled and to effectively navigate the intricate maze comprising physicians, insurance payors, hospitals, and care facilities involved in the provision of healthcare services.

At Calliope Patient Advocates, we strive to become trusted partners with our elderly clients and their families. As independent patient advocates, we work on your behalf to ensure you have a voice in your care, can efficiently navigate the healthcare system, and obtain quality healthcare resources meeting your unique needs in a timely manner.

  • Patient Advocacy for the elderly and their families – Calliope Patient Advocates is an independent patient advocacy practice focused on the elderly population with multiple chronic and complex medical conditions.
  • Driven by Passion – Catherine is driven by a passion to help patients not only get access to the healthcare to which they are entitled, but also to ensure they have a voice in their own care.  We listen carefully to understand your unique values, ethical principles and medical preferences are understood and respected by your entire health care team.
  • Informed Choices and Decision Making – We provide you with information so that you can make the most informed choices about your medical care and treatment options.
  • Access to Healthcare Resources – We assess your healthcare needs from many different perspectives and seek to match these needs to all available resources covered by your healthcare plan as well as those offered by your local community and government sponsored programs. We aim to ensure you have access to all of the healthcare services to which you are entitled.
  • Navigate the Healthcare Maze – We provide support so that you are able to effectively navigate the complex medical system.
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for:
Up to 2 years
Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for:
Up to 2 years
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  • Calliope Patient Advocates, LLC
  • Calliope Patient Advocates, LLC


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