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Cancer Champions, LLC Bringing clarity to the confusion of a cancer diagnosis
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Dana Hutson
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locally DC metro; virtually nationwide

All of my clients admit to feeling anxious, confused and fearful when hearing that they have cancer.  Navigating a complex healthcare system while maintaining family and professional responsibilities becomes overwhelming.  The  financial toxicity of cancer is often surprising and becomes an additional source of stress.

Cancer Champions provides professional, personalized, compassionate assistance and expertise to alleviate fear, anxiety and doubt,  locally in DC Metro and virtually, Nationwide.

Do you find cancer’s vocabulary and discussions involving treatment options, cancer clinical trials, genomic and genetic testing and diagnostic procedures to be confusing?

  •  I help you understand your diagnostic procedures, genetic versus genomic testing, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, personalized medicine and your treatment options.
  • I help you find  and connect with centers of excellence for a second opinion for your specific tumor type.
  • I connect you with integrative medicine and supportive care resources to  manage the physical and emotional  side effects of treatment.

So you don’t waste valuable time

My assistance results in reduction of your confusion, anxiety and fear so you can make decisions with confidence and peace.

My extensive background in oncology (treatment and study of cancer) means I am able, but not limited to

  • Translating medical terminology into language you understand
  • Researching relevant  clinical trials
  • Evaluating and helping you understand your treatment options and identifying centers of excellence specific to your tumor type

My professional network provides you access to experts and unique insights.  My personal experience with both my father and mother’s  cancer journeys has given me empathy for the needs of the individual facing the disease and their family members.

Unlike institutional navigators, I work for you and not an institution. I am 100% committed to advocating for your needs and I will help you uncover the resources you need to  meet your goals.

Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for
2 to 5 years
Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for
5 to 10 years
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  • Cancer Champions, LLC Bringing clarity to the confusion of a cancer diagnosis
  • Cancer Champions, LLC Bringing clarity to the confusion of a cancer diagnosis
  • Cancer Champions, LLC Bringing clarity to the confusion of a cancer diagnosis


Dana was immensely helpful as I navigated two cancers simultaneously, one of them rare. She is not a clinician but she knows a lot about medical people and systems and how to work with them to get the best care you can. She has a good foundation of medical knowledge as well, and helped me figure out what questions to ask – or how to ask them – in order to get the information I needed. She researched the diseases, tests and treatments to help me understand what the doctors were saying. She participated by phone with some of my doctor visits and helped elicit critical information or actions. She also helped me get insurance coverage or financial support for some tests and treatments, which I otherwise would probably have skipped. She asked me insightful questions about my own feelings on tests and treatments, drawing out personal reflections that my doctors never did, which helped me make decisions on treatment options when there was no clear medical recommendation. I felt I had a skilled and compassionate ally in Dana, and she brought me peace of mind as well as expertise. I highly recommend her for anyone facing a complex (or even a seemingly simple) medical issue.

Barbara | May 14, 2022

I highly recommend Dana for the following reasons:
Compassion: Dana listened and responded in a caring and respectful manner.
Knowledge: Dana\’s in depth knowledge and professionalism assisted us in the complex area of health insurance.
Timeliness: Dana responded in a timely manner to all our requests.
Cost/Benefit: The benefits of Dana\’s expertise far outweighed the cost of service.

Michael | August 5, 2020

Hiring Dana was the best decision we made on this cancer journey. It’s difficult enough dealing with changing health concerns and tons of appointments, but trying to figure out whether the nuclear med dr I was told to see was in-network or not was more than I could handle since I was consistently given conflicting info. My sister, a nurse, recommended we hire a patient advocate. The company we contacted was unable to assist us, but they recommended Cancer Champions. I am so thankful they did!

Dana did in a few days what I had been unable to do in a much longer time period on my own – she found out that my insurance company reps hadn’t understood what treatments I need nor had they been using the correct codes. Once Dana talked with the right people (she has great contacts!), she figured it out and let us know that the dr I was told to see IS in-network with our insurance. She also got confirmation that everything involved in the next step in my treatment will be covered in-network. Further, she not only sent us a summary of her notes – from phones calls to my doctors, my insurance company, the facility I’ll be going to, etc. – she also emailed me information about a procedure I’ll be having and reached out to an expert in the field and obtained his article on the subject. She relayed all information via phone as well as the emailed documents. Her kind, caring demeanor was outstanding! Getting the resolution we were hoping for was wonderful, but just knowing that Dana was “on the case” gave me peace even before she delivered the great news.

Heidi in Virginia | February 18, 2020

On behalf of the entire Turner Family we cannot leave a review high enough to reflect Dana’s passion and love for the community of people she helps. Just chatting on the phone with her completely eased our minds and hearts despite any bad news we were facing. She is a gift from God and we are forever thankful she was a part of our journey.

Turner Family | January 8, 2020

As an oncologist, I have found Dana to be very helpful in my patient’s care.
She has been there for her at every step and has helped out tremendously with having her deal with the day to day issues of treatment planning.
She is a tremendous resource who would be beneficial for any patient who is dealing with a devastating diagnosis such as cancer.
I would recommend Dana to any patient who needs help in dealing with the diagnosis of cancer.May God Bless her in the work she does for sick cancer patients.

Khalid | December 5, 2019

As someone diagnosed with a rare, aggressive cancer just 5 months ago, I was overwhelmed and confused. I wasn’t sure whether my doctors were doing what I needed. I asked Dana to review my case and it was the best thing I’ve done since diagnosis. I’m so grateful I made the decision to work with Dana. For a very reasonable fee, she actually did more than expected. She is smart, organized, prompt, and compassionate. I am now much more confident regarding treatment options and what my doctors should be doing. My head has stopped spinning and I can sleep at night. Worth every penny.

Lori Raff | February 7, 2019

5 stars is just not enough for Dana Hutson. Dana has been a godsend to our family. In November, 2017 we lost my elderly father with Dementia. He was the victim of poor decision-making on the part of a consulting physician in the emergency room. A cascade of events resulting from that decision led to the acceleration of my father’s death within a 30 day period. My family has been struggling to bring closure to this situation. My mother and I met Dana during a presentation she gave at Lansdowne Woods a few months ago. The presentation described exactly what our experience was at the hospital with my father. We hired Dana to go back and research the entire 30 day hospital experience and assist us in understanding what happened. Dana spent numerous hours reviewing hundreds of pages of notes from four different hospitals. As suspected, my father was chemically sedated and failed to recover. My father was denied his rights which ended in death. My father’s experience is far too common across the country. Unfortunately, we didn’t meet Dana until after my father’s death. If we had Dana’s guidance, my father would still be living today. I highly recommend seeking Dana’s assistance in advocating and supporting you during any type of medical situation. We will forever be grateful to Dana for bringing closure to our family.

Maureen Robbins | July 2, 2018

I found Dana on this site and working with her has been an absolute blessing for my family. She was able to quickly assess my mom’s situation and immediately offer solutions that made a difference. Her knowledge and tireless legwork is a gamechanger for families trying to negotiate the healthcare system.

Sam Eder | June 26, 2018

It’s difficult to express in words the importance of an advocate when faced with a life changing scenario like cancer. Dana was amazing providing incredible counsel and guidance that was critical in the early days of our diagnosis. I could not imagine going through this again without the caring, loving expertise that Dana Hutson brought to our family. She is an angel.

Eric from Atlanta | January 11, 2018

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