Care Answered

Nicole Christensen
Care Answered
Nicole Christensen

New York State Nassau County, Suffolk County, Manhattan, and Eastern Queens

Care Answered's clients save money and gain peace of mind and access to the quality care they deserve. We serve as the liaison and advocate for our clients with their entire care team which includes clinicians, hospital staff, insurance, pharmacists, nursing home, physical therapists, assisted living, selected family members and much more.

Clients and their loved ones often reach out to Care Answered when:

-Community Medicaid is approved and they need to get the hours of care they truly need

-Selection of rehabilitation facility or nursing home is required

- Long term care insurance policy claim is ready to be submitted

-Need a clear hospital discharge plan that will ensure that all that is needed is in place

-Diagnosis of chronic or catastrophic illness requires access to the best care

-Selecting doctors, hospitals, homecare agencies, support groups and more that are best suited for them

-Advocacy and coordination is needed at doctors appointments

-Navigation through the healthcare system is needed

We allow a daughter to be a daughter, a son to be a son, a spouse to be a spouse, a friend to be a friend and a loved one to be a loved one. Care Answered gets health care done.
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