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Care Consultants of Texas, LLC
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name
Susan Cooley, PhD, RN, NP
City, State, or Location

Greater Houston Area, TX
Also remote to other US locations.

Care Consultants of Texas  provides concierge-level, independent and unbiased support to guide patients and caregivers through a complex and confusing healthcare system. As Registered Nurses with over 40 years of experience, we provide health advocacy services to clients with new or chronic health conditions. We clarify and organize complicated health plans, communicate and coordinate next steps for medical treatment, and advocate for quality and timely care.

Consider us your “partner” in untangling the maze associated with an overwhelming health scenario – new diagnosis, confusing medical jargon, and a vast medical center. 

We serve all ages from newborn to child to older adult . Our services range from: deciding when and where to receive care, preparing for new appointments, accompanying patients to medical visits, assisting in transitions of care – from hospital to home, from home to care facility. After each visit, we create a medical visit synopsis. This is a valuable resource in organizing and understanding your medical care. The synopsis can also be used to update family and friends, to organize medical information for future appointments and for reference by your healthcare team.

After an initial meeting to learn about your unique circumstance, we work with you and your family to determine a personalized plan for moving forward.  Our mission is to ensure that our clients are true partners in their care. 

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More than 10 years
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5 to 10 years
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  • Care Consultants of Texas, LLC
  • Care Consultants of Texas, LLC
  • Care Consultants of Texas, LLC


Care Consultants is their name and their game! True professionals. Excellent client/customer service.

Diane Latson | November 29, 2022

I engaged Care Consultants of Texas earlier this week. While walking my daughter down a flight of stairs, I slipped and fell. Luckily, I protected my daughter from injury, but, in doing so, I left my body fully exposed. As a result, I broke two ribs and punctured a lung.

I was admitted to a TMC ER Trauma Center. From the beginning, I felt lost in the confusing maze and chain of communication in the hospital system. Luckily, I was referred to Susan & Mary at Care Consultants of Texas. Susan & Mary saved the day and guided me through my hospital visit in a calm, simplistic, and logical manner. They helped me connect the dots all along the way, and guided me to ask the right questions. In addition, I received priority patient care, as they leveraged her connections to make sure I was made a top priority.

If you’re confused, scared, and anxious while navigating the hospital system in the face of an injury or illness, call Care Consultants of Texas. They simplified a scary time in my life and ensured I was on the most direct path to recovery.

– Mac

Mac Helms | November 5, 2022

All sorts of kudos to this team for transporting people through the maze of our health system. For me it was important to have a second person to hear what the neurological doctor told me about my health. Care Consultants took notes and helped translate some of that medical jargon. It was helpful to me to have Susan and Mary corroborate what I heard. All patients need a care manager like them. A big five stars.

Saint Pratt | September 22, 2022

Susan was so helpful navigating the system and decoding doctors notes at my
appointments. I couldn’t have had a smoother journey and appreciate her so much.

Bonnie Osborn | August 7, 2022

Helpful. Knowledgeable. Accessible. A God-send.

MHJ | August 6, 2022

I naturally turned to the dynamic nurse duo, Susan Cooley and Mary Senkel, when my father was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Susan & Mary gently guided our family throughout the stressful ordeal by provided loving, insightful, and compassionate guidance at every step. They participated in doctor visits, arranged for home health care, helped us screen hospice providers, provided practical knowledge about Medicare benefits, and found us a caregiver who rivals Mother Teresa for his empathetic approach to providing a dying man with comfort and dignity. End-of-life issues can be bewildering and staggering for those involved. Susan and Mary provide common sense solutions and somehow know how to fill all the gaps. We know our father received every comfort imaginable thanks to Susan & Mary.

And now that my mother is needing a caregiver, we once again turned to Susan & Mary for help. Susan immediately provided me a caregiver’s name who had already been vetted and has now become indispensable to my mother. I simply cannot find the words to describe my infinite gratitude and trust I have in Susan & Mary.

Dr John Craddock | August 5, 2022

I recommend Susan and her team enthusiastically. After having a negative reaction to meds prescribed to treat a condition, CCT, LLC was recommended. My call was promptly returned and my situation evaluated…Susan offered to be on hand for several subsequent appointments, listening and asking pertinent questions of the NP and physician. Each appt was following up by a thoughtful summary of her observations, the questions we asked and the answers we got.

I had a clear plan to follow and did so confident and well informed. Thank you, Care Consultants of Texas; you are the best.

Lucy Goodrich | August 1, 2022


Donald Lee Howell | July 27, 2022

Care Consultants led my family to invaluable resources, guided us through the process of the illness and hospitalization, coached us on how to get needs met with so many staff. Their team helped our family members understand the confusing diagnosis. We had been lost and frustrated until we happened upon their caring services. It was like having a nurse and a doctor in the family! I cannot imagine how we would have fared without their help.

Patricia Hawk Gano | July 4, 2022

The team at Care Consultants of Texas helped our family navigate the arduous process of our father’s end of life care. We are so grateful to Susan and Mary for their expertise and compassion. We highly recommend their services!

Susie L. | March 9, 2022

Our family found ourselves in sudden need of home health care. I was clueless about how to get the system to work for us. Agencies sent person after person and none had any more skills or knowledge than I did.
We had day after day of stress and frustration.

When Dr. Cooley walked into our house, everything changed. It was as if our fairy godmother had arrived. Everything became organized and efficient.

She knew what we needed and how to get it, and right away.

She made us a notebook, geared to our specific needs, where we kept notes and schedules. There were pages and pages of resource information.

Best of all, she found us a wonderful, competent, compassionate home health caretaker who knew everything to do and did it. (We are still in touch and I consider her one of my best friends.)

Dr. Cooley not only educated us about our needs, she would check in on us to make sure things were going as smoothly as possible. Among the valuable lessons she taught was how to better get through to doctors and how to talk to them.

I cannot recommend Susan and her team highly enough. What they have to offer is invaluable. I am, happy to talk with you about the service…

Joan Caldwell | March 8, 2022

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