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Belena Butler, MSN CCM CCRN
Caring Support & Solutions
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Belena Butler, MSN CCM CCRN
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Roswell, Georgia & Nationwide, Atlanta

Caring today occurs just about everywhere - in homes, doctors offices, hospitals, online, clinics, centers, stores, etc. It is important for consumers and providers to ensure that quality care is being delivered and effective communication is taking place.  Unfortunately statistics, show that one of the biggest barriers to getting quality care is due to a lack of communication and fragmented care.

Caring Support & Solutions began in 2012 with the mission to help others in the community that are in need of solutions to their caring needs.  Our motto is simply to help people get the care they need by partnering with patients, providers, and businesses to develop programs and ideas that are unique to their specific to them. Our services are designed around four pillars:  Care management, Advocacy, Research & Resources, and Education.  We call this the C.A.R.E approach.   Caring Support & Solutions utilize Care Specialists, also known as patient or healthcare advocates, that assist with removing barriers to get care that is needed.

Our services are delivered directly to our clients.  Our Care Specialist work privately with you to obtain the best caring support and solutions.  Some of the type of services we provide are

  • Assistance with home care set up

  • Assistance with medical billing and insurance needs

  • Coordinating medical needs

  • Medication Organization

and much more!

We provide services in Georgia and 11 other states and offer  flexible & affordable packaging plans to our clients.

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Phone: 404 474-0929
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When I hired Belena Butler to be my father’s health advocate, I was desperate. My father was trapped in an awful rehab facility, refusing to eat and wasting away, unable to get up from a laying position without his blood pressure plummeting to dangerously low levels, and overseen by a doctor who insisted that there was nothing to be done but to keep my father there indefinitely. I am not a medical expert. Seeing my father wasting away was extremely worrying, but I didn’t know if the doctor was right, that there was nothing to be done. On the advice of my wife, I searched for an online health advocate, I filled out a form, and within an hour I was explaining my father’s situation to Belena. Belena has 20 years of nursing experience, and so she knew that my father was receiving inadequate care, and that we needed to act immediately to figure out either how to get the doctor to treat him properly (this provide impossible) or to get my dad out of that facility. To make a long story short, Belena did everything in her power not only to get my father out of that facility, but to convince skeptical doctors at a hospital to admit my father, so that they would have time to figure out what was wrong with him. That hospital stay – which ultimately lasted 11 days – saved my father’s life, as they found a medication that worked to control my father’s blood pressure and that motivated him to eat again. Belena lives many states away from me and my father, but the work she has done from afar saved his life. Since that time, I have kept Belena on to help manage my Dad’s care. She has helped me find a rehab facility for my father, and then she helped me manage his care at two assisted living facilities and two dialysis facilities. Having Belena manage the day-to-day care for my Dad – and making sure these facilities are doing their jobs properly – has put my Dad in a situation I never thought he’d be in: he is happier and healthier than he’s been in the past five years. I can’t recommend Belena and Caring Support & Solutions enough. Hiring her was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Joe Simmons | July 29, 2019
Belena has been a tremendous help to our family. She has been working hard to coordinate insurance problems and serious health issues. We don't know what we would have done without her.
Loretta Stewart | July 11, 2019

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