Carolina Senior Care Advisors, LLC

Carolina Senior Care Advisors, LLC
Carolina Senior Care Advisors, LLC
Lewana Ratliff

North Carolina - Greater Charlotte Metro Area, Gastonia, Lake Norman Area

Our goal is to help our clients live a quality life with dignity and respect in a safe and secure environment with providing their loved ones piece of mind.

The kinds of services we offer include:

Long Distance Care -

Have you ever asked yourself how you would handle a family emergency when you can't be there or wonder if your loved ones mental and physical condition is really what they tell you?  Retaining us can prepare you for emergencies and insure you have a trusted professional nearby to see that your loved one is safe and well taken care of while providing you with detailed updates on their condition.

Medical Advocacy -

Do you know what Medicare will and won't pay for? Are you aware of what your loved one discusses with their physician?  These are just a couple of items that can impact your loved ones health and financial security.  We have the years of experience, knowledge and resources to insure all aspects of your loved ones care is the best it can be at a reasonable cost.

Client Visits -

Whether your loved one is aging in place or living in an assisted living or skilled nursing facility, they need someone experienced to insure they are getting adequate care, sufficient social interaction and their living environment is safe.  Let us be your surrogate eyes and ears, insuring all their daily needs are being met, gage their cognitive skill and report back to you their condition or changing needs.

Living Arrangement Transitions -

Whether moving from home to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility we can assist with the transition from locating the appropriate facility, reviewing the financial aspect of the move, to coordinating a smooth relocation.


Whatever your situation there is never any reason to face life's challenges alone.....Let us help.

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Carolina Senior Care Advisors, LLC



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