Chicagoland Patient Advocates

Chicagoland Patient Advocates
Chicagoland Patient Advocates
Avrom Fox

Chicago, Illinois
Skokie, Illinois
Chicagoland Area
Chicagoland Northshore

Chicagoland Patient Advocates provides comprehensive support to people who need help navigating our complex healthcare system. We know how to deal with physicians, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and insurance companies. We represent you, the patient and your family. We will hold your hand, work as your champion and empower you. We have one mission and that is to help you resolve your healthcare crisis and enhance the quality of your life.

Our success is based on our understanding of how to relate to our clients. We know how to build and sustain relationships which are based on trust, confidence, and integrity.

We are a caring team who have experience in the non-profit social service profession; years of experience caring for a personal family member who has undergone extreme challenges; great success in fighting on your behalf with insurance companies who want to deny your claims and make your life difficult; years of experience operating a small business; and a lifetime of experience managing the needs of our elderly family members.

All of these components have enabled us to assist you with your various health care crises.

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  • Chicagoland Patient Advocates
  • Chicagoland Patient Advocates


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Chicagoland Patient Advocates



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