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Collaborative Patient Advocacy LLC

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Collaborative Patient Advocacy LLC
Collaborative Patient Advocacy LLC
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name:
Teresa Berger, MSN, RN, PMP, BCPA
City, State, or Location:

Metro Atlanta and Surrounding Area, Atlanta Suburbs, North Georgia Area, Nationwide

Collaborative Patient Advocacy assists clients in navigating their healthcare journey in a way that is individualized and that works specifically for them. Do you have a family member in Atlanta who is in need of healthcare services and you just don’t know where to turn? Or perhaps you have a diagnosis and need a translation of treatment options or second opinions and an effective plan of care? Do you get knots in your stomach when going to the doctor’s office because you don’t know the right questions to ask? This is where we can step in and explore options for YOUR UNIQUE needs to provide you with peace of mind. We can walk beside you and help you in asking the right questions and in taking notes to remind you of pertinent information later when you actually have time to process.

Do you live in another state and you need someone to look out for your elderly parents in their home in the Atlanta area? Are you dealing with multiple conditions and being seen by a number of doctors and can’t seem to keep all the appointments and instructions straight? As a caregiver, has staying up all night, with the mental and physical cost, become too much to deal with on a daily basis? This is where we step in and work with a team to coordinate care or find the best solutions for the quality of life that YOU or YOUR LOVED ONES deserve.

The insurance bill just came, and it can’t be right! Was that type of test actually done when I was in the hospital? Insurance said the surgery was approved and yet they charged the full amount? This is where we step in and assist with insurance bills, reconciling them with EOB’s, and negotiating with the hospital and providers.

My experience both, as a longtime caregiver for my mother with numerous healthcare issues, and my career as an MSN, RN in the hospital setting and in the community, help me to understand what you might be experiencing and assist me, a Board Certified Patient Advocate, with the know how to research the best options for YOU.

Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for:
Up to 2 years
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  • Collaborative Patient Advocacy LLC
  • Collaborative Patient Advocacy LLC
  • Collaborative Patient Advocacy LLC


Teresa was very knowledgeable and professional. Calming amidst some highly emotional circumstances. Extremely available and got back to tests/phone calls/emails quickly.

Susan Coleman | August 11, 2021

When we first got in touch with Teresa Berger, it was immediately clear that she had a deep understanding of the challenges our family would be facing in transitioning my mother to a skilled nursing facility. Her expertise goes beyond simply working (extremely diligently) to identify an appropriate new home for mom – she was talented and caring in supporting our family through very difficult discussions and decisions. Her patience and care in ensuring that family members in other countries with significant time zone differences were up to date on changes/encouraged to ask questions cannot be overstated. There are no words for how reassuring her presence was over the months that we were looking for a facility. Finally, her perseverance and careful attention to detail have worked a miracle and accomplished our family goals. We would have been lost without her, and especially with the added complexity of navigating eldercare options during the pandemic, she has been an advocate in ensuring that we would have safe options for my mother\’s care. Teresa is a valued community resource and highly recommended.

Katie M. | July 15, 2021

Teresa Berger is amazing. She is very knowledgeable and keeps on top of things, health wise and lots more for my husband and myself. Teresa has helped me organize some important things in our lives as well. She accompanied me to a lawyer to update our wills and POAs among other things. She knows what questions to ask and thinks thru everything with careful thought. We were encouraged to seek a financial planner to help with potential costs should my husband need extra care. She has researched facilities and contacts for healthcare for him. Teresa is always available to help with advice in any situation that arises. She is patient, caring, kind, and helpful in so many ways. When accompanying one of us with a video or in office appointment, she pays close attention to what our provider is saying and gives us good feedback. We feel so fortunate to have found Teresa. Our lives have become so much more manageable.

Dawn | September 29, 2020

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