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Connected Care Patient Advocates LLC
Antra Boyd

Greater Portland Metro Area, Oregon
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Every person we talk to has a story about how confusing the health care system is, how difficult it is to navigate especially when faced with a serious illness, how they didn't know their full range of treatment options, or how they didn't feel like they were at the center of a collaborative health care team.

Every health care provider we talk to has frustrations about their inability to to care for patients the way they would like. Confined by pressure to care for more patients in less time, with little time to truly understand the patient, their medical history, and their current condition(s).

As patient advocates we are the connection between the client and the healthcare team. Serving the client ALSO best serves the healthcare provider. In this way, you receive the best care possible.

Connected Care Patient Advocates: We're nurses in your corner!

"I really appreciated the support and guidance I received from Connected Care Patient Advocates, both for myself and for my family. It put us all at ease to have an advocate at my side. I felt confident in the care that I received and my family’s confidence in my care helped them to support me better. This made a huge difference in my ability to advocate for myself and to navigate what I was going through. I felt empowered to ask questions of my doctors and I know to get a second opinion if I am not satisfied. Empowered to advocate for my health and not to just float through the system, getting passed from doctor to doctor without any real knowledge of what was actually happening, gave me such peace of mind. I highly recommend Connected Care Patient Advocates."


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