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Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Dr. Stephan de Buren, MD
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based in South Florida and able to serve you locally for in-person services as well as nationwide for other demands

Are you lost in the healthcare system? We can help you.

Do you need help to take care of a relative far away from you? Or help in getting a second opinion, finding a good physician? Getting medical documents, understanding them and coordinating care between specialists?

We are also very experienced with your insurance and medical bill issues.

We are here to help you in a very personalized and compassionate way throughout the US.

Call us for a free first consultation: 786 814 9437

DeBuren Group has been founded by a medical doctor bringing 25+ years of experience in medicine and 11 years in patient advocacy. We find that healthcare should only be about the patient's interest. We are here to reduce the stress you are experiencing.

Some successes:

  • Managed the very complex case of a patient  having headaches for years, forcing her to lie down in the dark every afternoon. Bouncing  between specialists, she was receiving expensive  (not functioning) treatments for migraines and unnecessary tests. We identified 2 possible centers of excellence in the US, gathered all the medical documents and asked a remote second opinion. We finally organized an appointment at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and accompanied the patient. The neurologist changed the treatment (it was not migraines) for a more efficient one. The patient symptoms  & quality of life rapidly improved. The medical bill was extremely reasonable and 3 times less than announced. The patient is now extremely thankful after years of suffering.
  • A foreign college student living in Miami was experiencing symptoms of a potentially severe disease and blood tests showing some abnormalities. We gathered the results, found an internist (after checking training and absence of malpractice) close to the patient's university  & speaking Spanish, in order to eliminate a severe disease.
  • A family of 4 moving to the US asked us to compare between international and American insurances and to find the best plan
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Phone: 7868149437
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I have been suffering from daily headaches since 2016. I have been to several neurologists in Miami who prescribed multiple treatments but unfortunately the problem was never solved. I contacted DeBuren Group a few months back and doctor de Buren suggested that with his help we could find a doctor that specializes in headaches (and not just any neurologist). Up until that moment, I did not even know that there was a distinct difference between a general neurologist and a neurologist who specializes in headaches. My case was quite complicated, with no clear diagnosis so far and therefore Dr. de Buren managed to find me the best specialist in the East coast after carefully examining her profile and her expertise. DeBuren Group took care of everything. I did not have to exchange a single email with the hospital or the doctor. They booked my appointment, provided my medical history, informed me on fees and kept track on the financials. More importantly, Dr. de Buren accompanied me to my appointment, which was a big reassurance because he helped me organize my medical history and the questions I had for the doctor. Since these appointments last for a limited time and also due to the fact that every single minute spent with the doctor will be charged, it’s important to arrive well prepared. Also more importantly, as a doctor he was able to raise the appropriate questions and help me organize my thoughts even after the appointment. Living with daily headaches it’s not fun. After years of trying to find a solution I am confident that at least now I am at the right medical center with the right doctor. The treatment so far has improved the quality of my life and for this I can not be more grateful. If it wasn’t for Dr. de Buren, I would never have found the right specialist in the whole country and I would never have decided to check a doctor in a different state. I would have been too overwhelmed by the process and basically afraid that the hospital would rip me off. With Dr de Buren by my side I was sure that first, I would not have to do unnecessary exams and second, I would be seeing the best specialist. In regards to costs, the fees were much less than I expected and moving forward I would need to do less doctor’s visits provided that the treatment will continue to benefit me. In Miami I had to visit the neurologist every month since the treatments were not working and on top I have spent quite a lot of money and effort in visiting other specialist (e.g ENT, allergist, dentist, eye doctor) to check what was the problem since nobody could give me a clear diagnosis. Going forward, I managed to make my next appointment with the doctor out of state, at a time which I would not even have to stay overnight and bear the hotel costs. Sometimes the most expensive option can be proven to be the least costly in the long run, not to mention the only option to ameliorate your life. Kind regards, Mrs. Corina. S.
Corina S. | July 1, 2019
Después de meses de buscar respuestas a un problema recurrente, contactamos con el Dr. DeBuren quien hizo un trabajo muy profesional orientándo y acompañándonos en la búsqueda de la mejor opción de tratamiento. Finalmente pudimos resolverlo con su ayuda y prontitud a un precio inmejorable. Se puede apreciar en él y su equipo la seriedad y precisión suiza que hace que uno se sienta completamente en seguridad y bien respaldado.
Lilyan Stagni Kern | June 28, 2019

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