Geisel Advocacy for Patients LLC

Geisel Advocacy for Patients LLC
Geisel Advocacy for Patients LLC
Roseanne Geisel

Northern Virginia; Washington, D.C.; Montgomery County, Maryland

Geisel Advocacy for Patients LLC will ensure that you are heard, understood and truly cared for during your medical journey.  GAP was formed to practice independent advocacy, which means the patient's needs are paramount. We provide the necessary information that allows the patient or the patient's designee to make all the healthcare decisions. If you are overwhelmed by your diagnosis or your loved one's, or if you are frustrated by the process of getting a diagnosis, let us use our research and communication skills to help you determine your next steps. Let us ensure that every health professional involved in your care is fully informed about every aspect of your treatment plan. GAP will help you determine the questions to ask providers and will track the treatment logistics so the patient can focus on getting well and the family or caregivers are not overly stressed and exhausted. We can be an objective yet compassionate voice at an emotional time for a family.

If you haven't had a reason to delve into the health care system, it is hard to know the array of specialties, providers, treatments and reliable sources of information that could ease your journey and speed your path to your best possible health. GAP has particular expertise in mental health conditions; geriatric care; and chronic conditions, such as diabetes and asthma.

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  • Geisel Advocacy for Patients LLC
  • Geisel Advocacy for Patients LLC


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Geisel Advocacy for Patients LLC



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