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Hale Health Advocates
Hale Health Advocates
Terry Lynne Hale

While I live in the Heart of America, Kansas City, Missouri, my research services are nationwide.

I became an advocate in grade school.  You begin by collecting money for Unicef, Habitat for Humanity, or the American Cancer Society then you see a neighborhood kid being picked on and you just can't have it.

So, fast forward to the 1990s and you advocate for Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure,  Special Olympics, and then, the 21st Century finds you supporting Alzheimer's Association, walking a 1/2 Marathon for the American Stroke Association, and volunteering or giving to Stand UP2Cancer, Great Plains SPCA, Compassion and Choices, The Organic Consumers Association, Electronic Freedom Frontier, and other causes and concerns that move you or compel you to get on a soapbox.

I'm a well-read, well-rounded individual who continues to work full time while launching this passion-inspired advocacy practice.  I advocated on behalf of both parents, then my widowed Mom and others, learning first hand that people need someone in their court.  My passion is to make sure people understand that they have choices in how they care for themselves and how they care for their family - including their precious fur-balls.

With medical errors being considered the 3rd leading cause of death in our country, it's imperative that we advocate for ourselves.  OR, hire someone to do it for you.

If your physician is prescribing medications you understand (by this I mean you are aware of the pros and cons of using) and if you agree with every decision about your health care that others make on your behalf, no problem.

If you'd like to create some checks and balances to weigh the ramifications of another procedure, another medication, or another surgery, then hire an advocate to look out for your best interests who reports to you and if desired, your medical team - alone.  I'd love to hear from you and determine if I can be of help to you.
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