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Health Advocate Experts

Health Advocate Experts
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name:
Gabrielle Hochberg
City, State, or Location:

San Diego, CA and Nationwide

Name: Gabrielle Hochberg, MHA

Location: San Diego, Ca and Nationwide

Are you scared about an upcoming procedure, hospital stay, or diagnoses? Are you drowning in medical bills that confuse you, or do you need your insurer to pay for a service you had? Or, could it be something else?

Whatever your situation is, Health Advocate Experts would like to help you. Health Advocate Experts ensures you receive the health insurance benefits and health care services that you deserve. We know the health care system and how it works. Health care is our passion, and you are our priority! We will work hard to resolve your issues and concerns.

Trust is a value that governs relationships. Once you get to know us, you will find that we are empathetic, understanding, and results oriented. We can feel your pain and frustration. Knowing this will hopefully help you to begin to build trust in us. When you trust a person or organization is when you will want to work with them. And we look forward to earning your trust.

 Why should you hire Health Advocate Experts? Because we understand health care and are committed to resolving your issues. We have worked in the health care field, with the government, consulting to big health care organizations, developing and managing product lines for a health insurer and for a large HMO. We understand the organization of health care, case management and care management systems. We have Master’s and undergraduate degrees in health care and our passion is health and nutrition.

Below are some of the services Health Advocate Experts provides:

  • Go to the hospital with you to make sure errors do not occur;
  • Review your health care bills for proper coding and billing;
  • Work with doctors to understand their plan of care and coding decisions; and
  • Work with insurers to cover your services and to obtain preauthorization.

Please email us today with your challenges at:, or call 858 299 5025   Your concerns are our priority.


Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for:
Up to 2 years
Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for:
2 to 5 years
Background Check?:
858 299 5025
Advocate's Rating:
  • Health Advocate Experts


“We are so grateful for Gabriellel Hochberg! Gabrielle recently acted as our healthcare advocate in order to make sure that our Insurance covered a crucial drug that our daughter needed to manage Crohn’s Disease. The insurance company originally denied the medication. Our doctor assured us it is the BEST medication to help so we wanted to FIGHT – and to appeal the decision of the insurance company. We hired Gabrielle to help. And SHE DID IT! In only a matter of two weeks, Gabrielle got the job done and we barely had to lift a finger. We are SO RELIEVED! Gabrielle single handedly saved our daughter’s health! We HIGHLY recommend her if you need this kind of help!!!”
– Tracie Krieger
Mom of 17 year old Charlotte

Tracie | July 24, 2020

I used Gabrielle’s services for an emergency I was having. We visited an ER for 3 ½ hours one night and then another day we went to a different ER for 8 hours. Gabrielle was with me continually. She got me back to a room sooner than the normal process. She took detailed notes of what the doctor and nurses said. She was professional, supportive and indispensable. I told Gabrielle that I feel I get a lot more respect and time with the medical staff because of her presence. I am so grateful she was with me and I would highly recommend Gabrielle to anyone seeking a health advocate.

Lana | January 8, 2020

I had the pleasure of Gabrielle to assist me with an upcoming procedure. She was with me for the doctor’s consultation. I was very nervous about the procedure since it will be my first surgical procedure. Gabrielle asked some important questions that I did not think of asking and she took very good notes for our joint review after the consultation. Gabrielle understood my frustration and was very empathetic toward my feelings and concerns. Gabrielle helped me to fully understand all aspects of the surgical procedure and recovery and she assured me of her being present from the beginning to end, which gives me total peace of mind. This was my first experience to engage a Health Advocate for my first involved surgical procedure and hospital stay. In the end, I feel Gabrielle is an expert in health-related issues and I feel very comfortable going forward knowing she will be by my side until I will be released from the hospital. I highly recommend Gabrielle for her thorough health advocate services.

Kent | January 3, 2020

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