Health Advocate Services

Ellen Abisch MSRN
Health Advocate Services
Ellen Abisch

Wilmington, NC. Southeast US and nationwide

Health Advocate Services based in Wilmington NC, providing services nationally, provides patients and their families with guidance essential to navigating the complexities of healthcare and insurance systems. Our experience in problem solving enables you to get the most out of your health and insurance providers, resulting in better outcomes, controlled cost and greater satisfaction.

Ellen Abisch, the force behind Health Advocate services, is a nurse, and a health insurance professional with over 25 years of diversified experience. Her expertise includes direct care to patients, design and management of health insurance benefits, and health management programs geared toward helping patients meet their health goals.
Some of the many services Health Advocate Services offers
• Diagnosis and treatment clarification and education
• Medical record review,
• Medication review
• Coordination of care among doctors
• Appointment and hospital visits or phone consultations
• Transition of care among facility assistance
• Insurance claim review and reconciliation
• Insurance denial appeal support
• Insurance policy research
Health Advocate Services is committed to offering outstanding customer service and personalized support tailored to your needs. We are your allies in getting what you want and need from your healthcare and health insurance. Call us with questions or for a free consultation at 901-233-7760 or email us at

910 233 7760
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Health Advocate Services



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