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Andrea Rosenblume OT BCPA Patient Advocate
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Andrea Rosenblume
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Sacramento, Fair Oaks, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Placerville, Granite Bay, Roseville, Rocklin, Orangevale, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, Loomis, Elk Grove, Davis, Woodland and remotely, as needed

As an occupational therapist for 18 years, I have advocated for my patients (pediatrics, adults, and seniors) to ensure they obtain the best care possible from their healthcare providers and they live as independently and safely in their home environments.  I started my private practice as a healthcare advocate in 2016 after I had been helping my parents with their medical challenges in hospitals and trying to find providers that would listen to their needs and consider their medical wishes. I completed the Healthcare Liaison Patient Advocate Credential program and am a board certified patient advocate through the Patient Advocate Certification Board (PACB).

I accompany patients to doctor appointments to be another set of eyes and ears for that patient and provide documentation to share with the patient afterwards.  I help explain medical language and unfamiliar terms, and ensure that my patients understand their diagnoses, treatments and medications.  I help coordinate care between the healthcare team to ensure that the entire team is communicating and keeping the patient’s needs, desires and values a priority.  I assist patients and families in finding facilities that provide more care to the patient, if needed, such as assisted living and memory care.  I help caregivers, especially family members, find support groups and respite care.  My goal is to help you feel empowered to make healthcare decisions that are meaningful to YOU.  I work directly for YOU, not a hospital or agency.  YOUR best interests are mine, too.

Please call me to discuss yours or your loved one’s situation. I offer a complimentary 20 minute consultation by phone where l can determine how my services may be of help to you.

Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for
More than 5 years
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for
2 to 5 years
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“My mom and I had the good fortune of being referred to Andrea as a potential resource for assisting us w/ my mom’s healthcare needs. From my initial phone call to Andrea, she was nothing less than professional, inquisitive and informative. She immediately focused in on identifying what our needs were, and explained exactly what services she could provide. My mom, 85 years of age, still living independently at home, was recently diagnosed w/ multiple myeloma and undergoing treatments, and my father was in hospice care in a board and care facility. I was the sole care giver for both parents and feeling overwhelmed w/ all that was needed; ensuring I could attend all doctor appointments, cancer treatment appointments and had the appropriate level of care for my mom in her home.
With Andrea’s clinical background, she clearly understood the healthcare challenges we were facing and provided tangible, insightful recommendations. In short, she performed a full in-home assessment of my mom and her living situation; made an in-home check on my mom when we were out of town; provided information and materials both on in-home care agencies and independent/assisted living facilities, along w/ a list of pertinent interview questions for the agencies/facilities, along w/ her personal referrals. She is currently on standby, if I need her to attend any doctor appointments w/ my mom if I am unable. Aside from Andrea’s clinical and professional assets, her demeanor and approach were perfect for my mom. She was thoughtful, kind, patient, warm and communicated at an appropriate level for my mom to understand. She made my mom feel extremely comfortable, and safe. We are grateful and appreciative to Andrea and look forward to continuing our relationship w/ her.”

Linda Trainor | December 22, 2018

Andrea truly treated us like family when I needed help finding a long-term care facility near my home for my mom. Thanks to her unflagging diligence, my mom is now receiving wonderful care at a nearby facility. She’s doing so much better now. I am especially grateful to Andrea for the emotional support and encouragement that she provided as I struggled to balance my parents’ situation with a young family and full-time work. How amazing and rare it is to find someone you can trust with your family concerns! I highly recommend Andrea to anyone who craves that human touch while navigating the rough waters of our health care system.

Susan K. | December 18, 2018

About a month ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. The good news is it is contained, she will have surgery the beginning of March and then we will go to the oncologist one month later. More good news is that I believe so strongly in accessing community, we need each other. My mom does that for herself and I, of course, have been, and continue to do that.
I also believe, at 55, it is time to learn how to delegate. So, my brother and I hired a healthcare advocate. While I have a long history with healthcare, and I’ve got some lingo and I am pretty darn smart and have been a fierce advocate for my mom during previous big health passages, I knew that now I and we need extra help- I’m tired, my brother lives on the east coast, I want to live my best life, I want to be available to be a mom as needed to my young adults, and I want my mom to have the best care possible. And I want to have a relationship with mom that is more than just doctor visits, and stressful communications about her health.
So, that is where Andrea Rosenblume comes in. While we have been friends for about 15 years, I have no problem using her services as a professional. Andrea went with us to the first appointment with the surgeon. I knew that with my brother on speaker phone, a new doctor, a new illness and mom’s understandable stress about this disease, I would be overwhelmed. Andrea is calm….so calm, so wise, so firm. She took stellar notes and she allowed me to relax and listen and for all of us to ask questions. When the appointment was over we went home and re-read the notes, SO helpful. Plus, Andrea talks to my mom with care and love (they’ve known each other all these years too, but that is the way Andrea is.) My mom was at first tentative to have yet another person in the room, but after the appointment she was thrilled to have a knowledgeable advocate!
So, if you are, as my friend Helen said, middle age and a “roving crisis manager” for your aging parents (and maybe your 20-somethings too) I strongly recommend getting in touch with Andrea. She also provided resources for agencies that can drive my mom to appointments, where Andrea can meet mom, if I am not available. She has a long list of carefully vetted local resources! If you know people who have aging parents who need her services, if you need her services, I highly recommend her!

Pia Spector | December 18, 2018

Andrea Rosenblume provides both empathy and professional wisdom when dealing with unexpected health issues for an aging parent. She combines her professional training (occupational therapy) with personal experience (her own aging father) to help navigate the medical system, therapy options and living arrangements. When Andrea visited with my father he listened to her advice and she was able to provide helpful recommendations on his living situation. She ultimately provided us with an overview of living options that was personalized to my father, his financial resources and – most importantly – what would give me peace of mind, while still making my dad happy. Andrea does not operate from a pre-determined formula or outcome. She is a resource for objective advice, which I appreciated greatly. I recommend Andrea and Healthcare Pathways without hesitation.

Martha | December 16, 2018

It was truly a pleasure to work with Andrea. She was hired to help me through the process of caring for my 87 year Mother whom had been diagnosed with vascular Dementia. Andrea was knowledgeable, very friendly and was always quick to respond to my questions. She has helped me work through finding respite caregivers and later assisted living. Andrea has been there every step of the way, even when times were tough. She is personable, caring, and I highly recommend her. – Valerie Eilerts

Valerie Eilerts | December 14, 2018

Andrea was a valuable resource to me when my Mom’s health declined. I often felt overloaded as a caregiver while trying to balance that role with my work. Andrea was helpful in researching and exploring various care options for my Mom, and offered advice about patient advocacy during many visits to the hospital.
Andrea’s 18 years of experience as a licensed Occupational Therapist is evident in her knowledge of the healthcare industry, the observations she makes, questions she asks on your behalf and her attention to detail. Andrea is very thorough in her research, very professional in her demeanor and a pleasure to work with. As you look for a knowledgeable, personable, healthcare advocate, Andrea is exceptional.

Roy Brewer | December 9, 2018

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