Heartfelt Solutions for Seniors, Inc.

Heartfelt Solutions for Seniors, Inc.
Amie Hyman

Chicagoland area

Heartfelt Solutions for Seniors, Inc. specializes in health advocacy in doctors' offices and emergency rooms/hospitals; assistance with daily household finances, mail management and medical insurance management services for seniors in the Chicagoland area. Services include organization of documents for income tax, assuming the role of Power of Attorney and/or Executor/Trustee and referrals to community resources.

We provide health advocacy and support in doctor’s offices and hospitals/emergency rooms, help navigate the medical system maze, facilitate communication between doctors and elderly patients as well as manage doctor's appointments and prescriptions. We are there when the patient is discharged from the hospital to make sure that s/he understands the discharge summary and follows through on all medication and treatment plans.

We also offer a full range of services to prolong independent living for people who are having difficulty managing their mail and financial affairs including oversight of finances and medical insurance, identifying and preventing financial fraud, paying bills, managing banking and preparing for income tax reporting.

Last, we research community resources and provide referrals, monitor progress and provide regular updates to family members.

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  • Heartfelt Solutions for Seniors, Inc.
  • Heartfelt Solutions for Seniors, Inc.


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Heartfelt Solutions for Seniors, Inc.



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