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Hughes Advocacy

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Hughes Advocacy
Hughes Advocacy
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Krista Hughes – Board Certified Patient Advocate, Founder and CEO with over 25 years of Healthcare experience
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Hughes Advocacy is located in Birmingham, Alabama. Due to virtual communication, we currently serve clients anywhere in the United States.

I am the CEO of Hughes Advocacy, a private patient advocacy firm that helps patients and their families navigate the health care system and get the best medical care possible.  I founded Hughes Advocacy to educate patients, help reduce the incidence of medical errors, and assist others as they navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.

I have over 25 years of experience working in the medical industry. My dad suffered from a medical error, so I know how frustrating and emotional the healthcare system can be.

On behalf of the White House Office of American Innovation, Hughes Advocacy has been invited to attend the Blue Button 2.0 Developers Conference at the White House.  It is an honor and privilege to be part of the discussion on improving patient care! She also attended the Hospital Quality Star Rating System hosted by CMS in Baltimore, MD

I assist patients who have just received a new diagnosis, have been misdiagnosed, have a complicated medical history, or supporting adult children with their aging parents. We help our clients get the best medical care that is right for them.

Some of the services that I offer in Alabama are:

* Finding the right specialist for my client’s particular disease
* Assisting them with making informed medical decisions
* Exploring all of their different treatment options
* Medication management
* Accompanying client’s to their doctors’ appointments or preparing them for any upcoming appointment via telehealth

My goal as an advocate is to be your voice and to represent my client in their best interest in any medical situation. To put my client back at the center of their Health

Call me today for a free 15-min consultation.

Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for:
More than 5 years
Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for:
More than 5 years
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“Krista is 10 stars out of 5!! We had heard of patient advocates, but felt we knew what we were doing. When our daughter entered the hospital in a diabetic coma, non-responsive, on the same day as COVID19 closed all hospitals, we were not allowed to visit or provide 24 hr. care, as the normal policy dictated, and were at a loss with no contact or knowledge of who or what was happening. She suffered massive multi-organ failure with 70-degree body temperature. The hospital told us she had very limited possibility of survival. What we got from the hospital was also limited communications from SICU hospitalists, nurses and specialist physicians. Our son researched and found Krista – she became our lifeline and our lifesaver. We followed her lead and instruction; she made sure we had daily contact with all specialists and hospitalists and guided us by letting us know what we could do, regardless of the hospital polices. Each specialist slowly brought back to life each organ and each achieved normal function until our daughter woke up in the 5th week and took out her own feeding tube and incubations, as well as the trachea tube. She left the hospital at 7 weeks for 10 more days of rehab – the first time we could see her since entering the hospital – then home. She is functional now with Type 1 diabetes. Krista took care of our difficult communication needs with the hospital and rehab center, as well as our mental support during this time. Krista helped find all of the right doctors for her new health needs, including a primary care, acute heart care & diabetic specialist. Now she helps us with all of our other family’s medical needs and keeps everything straight. We would not have mentally survived this medical ordeal without her knowledge and help. There is so much more she accomplished for us that made our lives easier. Krista is not just a patient advocate, but also a concierge of our medical needs – and now a family friend. B&JW Birmingham, AL”

B&JW | July 15, 2020

(Gadsden, AL) I was struggling with Kidney Stone Disease and attempting to navigate the different treatment options that were best for me. In the midst of dealing with this diagnosis, I began to display symptoms of AFIB. Finding the right Urologist and Cardiologist was important to me and my family members. Krista was able to explore Practitioners and facilities that were best suited for both Kidney Stone Disease and AFIB. She not only assisted in building a comprehensive medical history but also helped me prepare for my doctors visits. After each doctors appointment, Krista provided me with an explanation of the Surgeons Prognosis which helped me navigate which path was best for my medical needs.

Speedy | October 28, 2017

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