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Human Health Advocates, LLC
Human Health Advocates, LLC
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Kenneth Klein
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We are based in Boca Raton, Florida. We serve all of Florida, as well as provide services on a broad national basis.

Human Health Advocates is the premier advocacy firm in Florida for negotiating medical debt reduction. In addition to negotiating with numerous hospitals, surgeons, and other providers, we carefully review health insurance policies to determine the availability of coverage. When adverse insurance decisions occur we frequently prepare reconsiderations appeals on behalf of our clients. As well, we prepare appeals for long-term care policy denials. From time to time, we file complaints with administrative agencies at the state and Federal level--in order to seek enforcement of our clients' rights.

We recently "grew" from one person to two-allowing us to better serve our clients. Human Health Advocates has achieved consistently favorable results. We have appeared on CBS and  NPR, as well as in The Sun Sentinel, The Miami Herald, The Kiplinger Report, and several other print publications. See our testimonials, Google,and BBB reviews.

We also assist clients with chronic illnesses, such as cancer and stroke patients in managing their bills.

We pre-negotiate fees for self-pay medical services on behalf of both insured and uninsured patients. We seek to inform our clients of their rights under and how to best utilize their health care policies; occasionally presenting small seminars designed to more effectively do so.

We believe that much of the health care billing and insurance "system" is designed to confuse the patient. Our goal is to level the playing field through knowledge, persistence, experience, and, a quest for basic fairness, and a strong concern for our clients.

Our best references are our clients.  And it is for our clients that we give our best.

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Phone: (561)515-5313
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You hear about "surprise bills" and imagine someone jumps out with a bill and yells surprise. You never imagine having a life-threatening emergency and going into the hospital that is in your insurance's network only to be billed huge amounts by a doctor you don't remember ever seeing. I spent 8 months going around and around with insurance, who wouldn't cover the out-of-network doctor's bill. When the insurance company person finally told me I should try to negotiate down the bill, I knew I needed help from someone else. I had sought help from a health advocate firm contracted by my employer, and they were useless. Human Health Advocates was amazing. They listened to me, were knowledgeable and professional, and they negotiated on my behalf to make me owe what I would have if the doctor would have been in-network. My surprise bill nightmare is over with their help, and I recommend them to anyone who needs a patient advocate.
Julie | September 20, 2019
Human Health Advocates were extremely friendly, helpful and efficient. They have not only taken the time to listen to my case, review all my concerns, but they have also walked me through each step of the process. They have given me all the information I needed and provided me with all the support that was necessary. The assistance was very fast and they have given me peace of mind while handling my case. I truly appreciate their services and highly recommend it.
Thaynan Siqueira | June 17, 2019
Ken and Mary saved us a significant amount on an emergency hospital stay.We found them to be both friendly and professional.Most importantly they know their field of expertise.If you are thinking of using Human Health Advocates just do it!
Don B. | May 6, 2019
Kenneth Klein with Human Health Advocates is resourceful, knowledgeable and effective and what he does. Combining expert knowledge, legal training, a willingness to review details, and most of all caring for those he advises, Kenneth and staff at Human Health Advocates identified and serve a real need. When the complexity of the medical system has increased to a degree that even physicians, their offices, billing departments, and hospitals often barely stay abreast, the insured person can often find themselves in need of counsel and advocacy. Kenneth's initiative at Human Health Advocates in advising insured patients and their families could not be more timely - or needed! Kenneth's counsel is nothing short of a blessing. Dean Sperantsas September 7, 2018
Dean | September 7, 2018
Human Health Advocates did a professional and thorough job with the review of my wife's medical bills. They explained everything to me very clearly, and very precisely. With their advice, I was able to save 20% on my out-of-pocket expenses. I could not have done this on my own, because I wouldn't have asked the right questions. I would highly recommend Human Health Advocates to anyone, but especially those who are overwhelmed with large hospital bills.
Daniel Hartwig | June 11, 2018
I had a hip replacement surgery 18 months ago that was initially covered. I recently retired from the company that I spent 30 years of my life working for. Originally, they had approved my upcoming surgery because the hip problem was job connected. To my surprise, after a successful surgery, I began receiving hospital and doctors bills. I was extremely confused and worried. After multiple phone calls I found out that my company denied coverage for my surgery and the realization that I owed an incredible amount of money set in and retirement became a nightmare. Many hours of research led me to Human Health Advocates. It has been a great experience from the start. They were warm and welcoming and I felt comfortable during our first meeting. It was apparent to me that this team was going to work hard for me and they did. Within just a few months they were able to reverse the decision to deny coverage for my surgery. They saved me an incredible amount of money, saved my retirement, and alleviated the immense amount of stress that I had been experiencing. I want to send a special thank you to Mr. Ken Klein and Mary. The both of you have been wonderful throughout. I recommend anyone who needs assistance with medical bills to contact Human Health Advocated. Ken and Mary will do their best to assist you in your time of need.
Brian Zalkind | June 2, 2018
Everyone has read about or knows someone who has struggled to understand, implement, and get satisfaction from the process of filing and getting reimbursed by the insurance industry for medical claims due to illness or injury. But when it happens to you, you find out just how byzantine and opaque the medical claims filing process can be in the insurance world. Billings based on medical codes that the ordinary layperson can’t begin to understand leads to denial and delays in payment which in turn causes frustration, anger, anxiety and financial stress. Believe me, insurance companies and healthcare providers use these methods maximize their profits by denying and delaying claims payments (insurance companies) or improperly categorize the claims to maximize their profits (healthcare vendors). I experienced and witnessed all of those frustrations. It put us in the terrible position of having traumatic out of pocket expenses and jeopardizing our credit rating. There seemed to be no way out of this mess. Fortunately, I found a solution that reversed the drama of having to repeatedly and unsuccessfully deal with the healthcare vendors and insurance companies. That solution is Ken Klein and his assistant, Mary, at Human Health Advocates. His firm brings a unique blend of resources, expertise and an unwavering determination to identify the correct coverage and recovery solutions for your situation. I can attest that these attributes served us very well. When I called him about helping us rectify our medical morass, he reviewed our accounts, explained the claims paying process and paperwork needed, and quickly set up an implementation strategy. As he executed the strategy, he consistently communicated with me about his progress, any need for additional information in a manner that was understandable, and the responses he was getting from the medical vendors or insurance companies that had open claims. Ken and Mary’s analytical skills and level of perseverance are extraordinary. They parsed through each vendor’s claims payment code to make sure it properly reflected the medical event with the insurance company. They worked with the vendor to correct the claims payment code if it was incorrect. Finally, they mediated many of the payments to reduce them to levels that were reasonable from a financial perspective. After all is done, we have a great debt of gratitude to Human Healthcare Advocates for their assistance in helping us get through this mess. They held the healthcare vendors and insurance companies to their correct responsibilities and took an enormous pressure off of our shoulders. Call them now if you have a similar situation and feel like your life is quickly getting out of control. You won’t regret it.
Debbie Hartford CT | April 1, 2018
Human Health Advocates is the best place to go when confronted problems with the HEALTH INDUSTRY Where unfortunately we are not patients but clients. They worked efficiently, with the highest professionalism but also they made me feel that they genuinely cared for my problem. I'm more than pleased with the outcome and eternally thankful to Kenneth and Mary for having gone beyond my expectations.
Dania Valdes | February 9, 2018
I had major surgery just under a year ago. Bills were piling up and the amount I owed was going through the roof. Unfortunately, I was supposed to complete a lot of paperwork that was supposed to aid me in reducing the bills and collecting money that I was entitled to that would go towards paying the bills off. Due to the severity of my surgery I was out of commission for longer than expected and I was unable to complete the forms that would have helped me get that money. I reached out to Human Health Advocates and dealt directly with their amazing team, including Mr. Klein. Long story short, they helped me SUCCESSFULLY complete an appeal which got me thousands of dollars back. I am very fortunate to have Mr. Klein and his team on my side. I trust them completely and would highly recommend them to my family and friends in need of help!!
Natalie in Ft. Lauderdale, FL | December 21, 2017
(Miami, FL) Ken and Mary of Human Health Advocates are amazing! They are dedicated in helping victims of the medical industry such as high bills and improper billing. Ken was very sincere and explained the whole process. He knows the ins and outs of the field and works it to his advantage. I am forever grateful to Human Health Advocates for not only lowering my medical bill but also for his passion and dedication to help others. I would hope that whoever encounters medical insurance to first consult with Ken and Human Health Advocates!
Calvin | December 7, 2017
(Ft. Lauderdale, FL) Uninsured yet not qualified for low-income payment programs, I was billed the maximum possible rates by the hospital that treated me after a recent accident. The hospital, it turned out, sent my bills to an incorrect address, so my first contact with its billing process was a threatening letter from its collection attorney. My attempts to reason with the hospital fell on deaf ears. Fortunately I discovered Human Health Advocates of Boca Raton, who specialize in representing powerless victims of medical billing departments and insurance companies. Kenneth Klein, HHA's principal advocate, understood my situation and immediately put my mind at ease by confidently laying out a winning strategy. He then jumped right into battle, keeping me fully apprised every step of the way. He was able to contact the right people at the hospital and persuade them to pull my account away from collection - saving my credit rating in the process - and reduce their bill by two-thirds. I could not have done this on my own. I'm highly grateful to Ken for skillfully and diplomatically advocating on my behalf. The hospital may have saved me from medical disaster, but Ken surely saved me from the hospital!
Hal | October 28, 2017
(Sunrise, FL) I had a great experience with Ken. I was overwhelmed with medical bills from a pregnancy and just couldn't get things organized or even understand everything I owed. I had a few bills in collections pending and he helped me with all of that. Very easy to work with.
Edi | October 28, 2017
(Clearwater, FL) Kenneth saved me over twenty-eight thousand dollars and for that I am very grateful. I bought insurance from my employer that qualified under the Affordable Care Act’s Individual Mandate assuming that it was reasonable coverage but it only paid for a small fraction of my hospital bill. Kenneth demanded that the Hospital reduce their sky-high charges and through diligence and persistence he got me a significant reduction. I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism.
Paul | October 28, 2017
(Pompano Beach, FL) I was shocked and dismayed by an unexpected $120k bill from a medical facility. I anticipated that this bill would be much less. I found Ken, and he quickly got the bill dropped to $62k. Upon further research, he also uncovered many billing errors and inconsistencies. This is a key element of what he did for me. I never would have questioned the accuracy of a medical bill or insurance decision otherwise. During this process, he also helped me understand the complex and baffling system of medical billing. Ultimately, the medical facility accepted $6450. as final settlement. During this whole process, Ken was always available and willing to take the time to explain every aspect of the confusing situation in a way I could understand. He was a pleasure to deal with. I whole heartedly recommend Human Health advocates to anyone seeking assistance with their medical bills and health insurance issues.
Paige | October 28, 2017
(Orlando, FL) In October, 2014, I had emergency surgery at a hospital in South Florida. I was uninsured and could not to pay my $50,000 bill. I had many discussions with hospital billing-and no luck in working things out. After seeking help for a long time, I found Human Health Advocates online. I asked for assistance and Kenneth immediately replied. He understood the problem and turned out to be a professional with much knowledge and absolute commitment to help. Through dealings with the Hospital, he solved the problem of my dispute over excessive charges on bills in two weeks. He obtained a significant reduction in the amount of my final bill and worked out monthly installments that I can afford. I could not get this on my own in two years of trying. Everything was done online and on the phone. I am very pleased to have met somebody so professional and committed to help. I highly recommend Human Health Advocates to anyone having problems with hospital bills.
Alvaro | October 28, 2017
(Ft. Lauderdale, FL) I had an abnormally increased hospital bill for a kidney stone pain visit. Had never been through this before and we had dropped our insurance weeks prior because the premiums were too high. I looked up different options and researched the bill to find out that it was $5000 instead of $500 and tried to negotiate with the hospital to pay it, to no avail. Then I saw an article about an Advocate named Kenneth Klein that was very versed in these situations and gave him a call. Let me tell you...Mr. Klein was the most helpful and encouraging person that it has been my pleasure to speak with, and through his assistance and instruction, I was able to get the entire bill covered! I never write recommendations, but this one needed to be written and I encourage anyone that is in need of Kenneth Klein's services, to call him directly and then take a breath of relief! Thank You Again Mr. Klein for your help and compassion! God Bless
Buddy | October 28, 2017
(Orlando) As a victim of balanced billing left with a substantial medical bill to contend with, I was lost as to what options outside of bankruptcy were available to me. Facing a financial catastrophe and coping with mounting stress, I turned to Kenneth Klein of Human Health Advocates for guidance. Today I can say with complete confidence that the decision to retain his services was the best decision I could have made. His industry knowledge, compassion for his client’s circumstances and dedication to reach an amicable resolution for his clients far exceeded my expectations. His commitment to my case undoubtedly was the reason why I was successful in securing reasonable settlement terms with the medical provider. I would utilize his services again and without hesitation would highly recommend him to anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation with respect to medical billing issues that appear insurmountable.
William | October 28, 2017
(Arizona) Uninsured medical bills north of 100k prompted me to reach out for assistance.Whenever I have needed an expert, I have always sought an individual who possessed certain qualities-experience,intelligence and empathy. I wanted experience because knowing the players, the rules and the ins and outs is always useful. I wanted intelligence because no matter how much experience, unusual and complex situations may arise which require native smarts to discern and understand things. Finally, I wanted empathy because I handle stress and anxiety better when my expert companion deeply appreciates what I am experiencing. I am happy to report that Kenneth Klein,manager of Human Health Advocates, LLC, has all of these qualities in abundance. My relationship with him has been wholly positive. I recommend him unreservedly to help anyone navigate the healthcare labyrinth.
Mark | October 28, 2017
(Winter Park, FL) My son's wife died and left him with an enormous amount of Health Care bills. This was a very difficult situation having lost a loved one and then finding out he would be facing years of debt. Mr. Klein of Human Health Advocates was an immense help in getting our medical bills reduced and in some cases eliminated. He not only did and outstanding job for us, his professionalism and compassion in our very difficult situation was unparalleled. Working with Mr. Klein was a very positive experience and we will be forever grateful for his help.
Steven | October 28, 2017
(Pompano Beach, FL) HUMAN HEALTH ADVOCATES ARE THE BEST! ''NAILING JELLY TO A WALL''may be easier than getting Healthcare Insurance companies to pay legitimate claims. ''DENIAL--DECEIT--DELAY were typical tactics adopted by our insurance company. ''WE WERE RESCUED BY HUMAN HEALTH ADVOCATES" saving us many thousands of $$---our credit---and our sanity! Ken Klein went above and beyond our highest expectations in successfully advocating on our behalf. We will be forever grateful. Ken is professional,knowledgeable,and passionate in his genuine desire to help his clients. We highly recommend Ken to anyone experiencing difficulty dealing with Health Insurance claims.
Ross | October 28, 2017

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