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InTune Health Advocates, LLC

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InTune Health Advocates, LLC
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name:
Gayle Byck, PhD, BCPA, Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®️
City, State, or Location:

Chicago, North Shore, north and northwest suburbs; some services nationwide

Our health care system is often overwhelming and confusing. InTune Health Advocates, LLC provides personalized patient advocacy to clients in the Chicago area and beyond, to help them navigate the health care system. We want your care to be coordinated, streamlined, and in tune with your needs.

We partner with patients and caregivers so they get the health care and support they deserve.

We work with you, your loved ones, and your care team to support and empower you on your health care journey.

We listen to what your needs are, educate you about your options, and empower you as you move through the health care system.

InTune Health Advocates, LLC can help you with…

  • Understanding a diagnosis
  • Better communication with health care providers
  • Questions about insurance benefits, denial, and appeals
  • Understanding different treatment options
  • Identifying community resources and support
  • Researching treatment options
  • Discussing end-of-life planning
  • …and additional services

Gayle’s credentials: 

  • Certificate, Consumer Health Advocacy, University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Patient Partnerships, 2017
  • ​Certified Senior Advisor, Society of Certified Senior Advisors, 2017
  • PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, 1999
  • Master of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, 1992
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Michigan School of Business Administration, 1990

InTune Health Advocates, LLC does not replace your health care providers or offer medical, legal, or financial advice.

Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for:
2 to 5 years
Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for:
5 to 10 years
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Advocate's Rating:
  • InTune Health Advocates, LLC
  • InTune Health Advocates, LLC
  • InTune Health Advocates, LLC


Gayle is absolutely wonderful. After my husband died, I was hit with large medical bills for him. I also had issues with my husbands Medicare. Gayle helped me get in touch with who I needed too and get the bills taken care of. I appreciate Gayles helping hand on the medical billing issues and navigating the system. I

Beth Dick | June 18, 2021

I am about to turn 65 and I was put in contact with Gayle through my financial planner because I will be retiring out of the country and wanted some guidance in helping navigate all my Medicare options. Gayle first interviewed me and we discussed all the particulars of my situation. She needed to perform some research about future insurability. At the end of the process, she delivered a very detailed and highly useful document that I am now using to continue the process of allying for medicare.

I found Gayle to be….

… very patient.
… very knowledgeable.
… a great listener.
… good at understanding the Medicare application process and providing useful guidance.
… fair in terms of the cost she charged and the value I received.

I have no problems whatsoever in recommending her for your Medicare application needs and will likely continue to consult with her as my situation develops further.

DAVID | December 7, 2020

Gayle is so much more than advertised. An advocate for my 95 year old father’s medical as well as insurance care. With our family spread from Israel to California and unable to travel during the pandemic, Gayle became our local eyes and ears. She developed a knowledgeable and trusted relationship with Dad’s primary care physician which was an extraordinary help with all the time zones involved. I see in the above reviews that they say that Gayle went above and beyond, patient, kind, etc. We agree with all of that and more. The pandemic made a difficult situation untenable but Gayle was always available, well informed, and supportive.

Laurie | November 30, 2020

Me and my wife are so grateful to Gayle and the work she does as a patient advocate.

Our story is unfortunately all too common in today\’s complex and confusing healthcare system. In May 2019, I was awakened by my wife as she was experiencing acute head pain, vomiting and dizziness. I knew it was serious as she asked to be taken to the ER. Two hours later we find out she has a large mass on her brain that will require complicated and risky surgery. We were transferred to well-known Chicago hospital since our local hospital could not handle her condition. The transfer was an emergency transfer due to her serious condition. All along I provided my insurance information and ensured that the hospitals work to get proper approvals. I was continually told not to worry, and it was being taken care of. I even tried to call my insurance 3 times to make sure they knew what was happening. I could not get through as it was Memorial Day weekend, and no one was working at my insurance company\’s customer service line. On the Tuesday morning after the holiday I receive a call from the hospital\’s business office explaining that our insurance would only approve out of network benefits for her surgery and treatment. As it turns out the hospitals business office were also not working the holiday weekend. We were told by the surgeon\’s team that the costs would be high, and we would be liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars and we should transfer to a hospital that was in our network.

In addition to all the health issues and decisions that we needed to make, we were stunned at what was happening and now would have to find another hospital and transfer again We have a PPO insurance policy from a leading provider in Illinois and everyone at the hospitals told us we had good insurance. We transferred to another well know hospital and my wife had three surgeries. Her surgeries went well, but as expected there would be complications requiring extensive physical therapy. After a few months as we are still dealing with all the rehabilitation, we start getting bills from the first two hospitals, ambulance and medical doctors that our insurance was only paying for out of network benefits for the initial emergency visit and the emergency transfer. The totals were over $30,000. As I started working to understand what was going on, I started on a journey that was as complicated and frustrating as any of the medical issues we had been dealing with. I spent a total of more than 50 frustrating hours talking to hospitals and my insurance company. I knew that my insurance needed to cover emergencies and found out that it is a state law that emergencies must be treated as in network by all insurance companies. We found ourselves caught up in bureaucratic, finger-pointing mess between the hospitals and insurance company. This went on for three months. We had become weary from the collection calls and trying to work through this. I unfortunately started to pay some of the bills just to stop the calls until a particularly insane call with my insurance that made us so angry that I decided to call some attorneys which referred me to Gayle at InTune Health Advocates. I really started to believe that the system is set up with so many roadblocks and delays that they hope to wear you down, so you give up and pay even if you should not.

From the first call I found Gayle to be empathetic and extremely patient as she listened to our story. She told us that we were correct in questioning our bills and that emergency hospital stays should be covered. She assured us that she had seen this happen before and had been successful assisting others in similar circumstances. As we continued working with her, it was clear that she has extensive knowledge and experience understanding the complicated healthcare system and how they bill, the errors that occur, and how to resolve them. She even has contacts in the industry and hospitals so that she can bypass the standard process put in place and talk to people that can fix things. She understands the appeals process that needs to be followed and was able to take care of multiple appeals for us including a final appeal to the State\’s Department of Insurance. As we were losing hope, Gayle reassured us that the process does take time and encouraged us not to give up. Her persistence was truly extraordinary. She was right, and in the end the insurance company paid all the bills and she saved us $30,000 in medical expenses.

Gayle is a caring, knowledgeable and competent professional. We highly recommend Gayle!

Lou | October 7, 2020

We cannot thank Gayle enough for her knowledge, compassion, kindness, patience, understanding and professionalism. Gayle was with us during the entire journey that was taken regarding the medical challenges that we faced. Her diligence, attentiveness and conscientiousness relating to navigating the cumbersome and bureaucratic health care system was absolutely amazing. I (Linda) am in the health care industry and I have never met such a dedicated and strong patient advocate as Gayle!

Linda Kemp & Marc Pluskowski | July 13, 2020

I had always been healthy my entire life until one day back in February of 2019 when I was blindsided with a cancer diagnosis. Head and neck cancer at the base of the tongue from the HPV virus. I had no idea where to begin. I happened to have a friend who has a PhD and is a Board Certified Patient advocate. I decided it would be advisable to call her for her services to help me navigate through all of the scans, a whole new team of doctors through Kellogg Cancer, writing down questions to ask the doctors, accompanying me at my appointments, taking notes and giving me a copy of the notes to keep in my folders for each doctor. Gayle was with
me every step of the way. She has made the entire process much less overwhelming and I was very comforted knowing Gayle was a second set of ears. I am currently three months done with treatments and my scans are clean. Now I will just be watched closely the next five years. I highly recommend Gayle’s services to put your mind at ease if you are ever faced with a severe illness.

JAS | October 20, 2019

I was caught between a hospital and an insurance company and Gayle came to the rescue! She is so patient and thorough, and she saved us thousands of dollars. Without Gayle, I would never have had the time or will to navigate through both the hospital and insurance systems to get this done. Also, as others have said, she respected my budget and when we had to go over the initial quote, we discussed it and she was very fair in her additional fees. Worth every penny and more! I highly recommend Gayle as a patient advocate.

Kelly | August 12, 2019

Gayle was incredibly helpful as my aunt struggled with a number of healthcare challenges in the last months of her life. Gayle quickly became intertwined in both the development of the care plan and seeing that it was carried out. She assisted both in choosing additional medical professionals to proffer second opinions, and helped shepherd us through the process. She has an inquisitive mind and is able to “translate” medical speak into language that is easy to understand. This is very important when one is seeking to understand options and make the best choices. I would absolutely recommend that anyone facing healthcare challenges should see if Gayle could become a part of the solution.

Dave | October 12, 2018

I recently moved my 87 year old father to a new memory care facility and Gayle was instrumental in helping me find the appropriate facility. The whole process of finding a good and reputable memory care facility is an overwhelming process. Gayle went above and beyond by researching and networking with other professionals to help me find the perfect place for my dad. Gayle also came with me to tour facilities and helped me ask the right questions. She was very kind and professional. She even came with me to visit my dad after he settled into his new residence. I highly recommend using Gayle as a health care advocate.

Mary | May 20, 2018

A few months after having my third child we received an outrageous bill from the hospital. We fought with the insurance and hospital for over a year to try and determine why the charges were what they were when we had insurance. When we were getting anywhere someone recommended we use Gayle to help us. Gayle was patient, kind, and really went above and beyond to help us get our bill lowered and make sure we paid what was fair. She also worked within our budget understanding that at the end of the fight we would also have a pretty significant medical bill to pay. I would highly recommend Gayle to anyone who was going through a tough medical situation either with insurance or with several doctors.

K&V F. | February 28, 2018

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