Kaz Advocate

Kaz Advocate
Kaz Advocate
Karen Vogel, BCPA

Seattle WA, Pacific Northwest, California, can consult nationwide

My services include health insurance navigation, researching options, negotiation to reduce your bill, claims review, preparation of grievances/appeals for denied services, recommending the best health plan to meet your needs, support and resources for boomers helping aging parents. I'm well versed in the inner workings and jargon of medical care and health insurance. I can translate and simplify your pile of paper with a direct and efficient approach. I’m based in Seattle and do phone/email consultation nationwide. Initial discussion is at no charge.

In the past two years alone, I've saved clients more than $250,000 along with providing peace of mindAdvocacy is about self-empowerment. I will help you identify questions and realistic goals so that your needs are clearly communicated. Having another set of eyes and ears is a relief!

Kaz Advocate
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Some reasons I adore Karen as an advocate: Her experience and knowledge of health insurance - more than anyone has ever given me! Karen is willing to go through all the painful dirty work. She takes time to understand the patient and family and to educate them. Karen connects the dots.

Laura Rowley | April 13, 2018

After avoiding some major medical bills for sometime, Karen provided the support and structure I needed to finally fight back. She was kind, thorough, and competent in every way — the exact opposite of the medical insurance industry. She lifted the weight off my shoulders and was the advocate I needed. I would recommend her whole-heartedly.

Megan Hyla | February 27, 2018

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Kaz Advocate



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