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KL Services LLC
KL Services LLC
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Kathleen E. Lipscomb
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Based in Illinois, providing services nationwide

Kathleen Lipscomb uses her extensive personal knowledge of the healthcare industry to assist families and individuals through the often confusing and overwhelming medical care system. Services include:

  • Reviewing, coordinating and organizing medical bills and related paperwork, including third party benefits & payments
  • Assisting patients and their families understand the coverage options in which they are currently enrolled or which are available to them
  • Providing guidance in assessing post-hospitalization options (home care, assisted living, nursing home)
  • Preparing personal healthcare documentation, including prescription and medical provider information

As an unbiased third party, she can help eliminate some of the family stresses of dealing with financial and family issues such as: caring for elderly family members, families geographically distant trying to care for an ailing relative, families caring for individuals with special needs or chronic illness.

Kathy has served as spokesperson, both corporately and representing the home health industry, to federal and state legislators and consumers regarding patient medical services coverage and reimbursement issues. She has been responsible for benefit coordination programs at the corporate level: negotiating employee medical benefit plans, coordinating workman's compensation claims and disability programs.  She has personal experience with Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance audits and negotiations.  She can successfully interpret the technical terminology and confusing paperwork associated with patient care so that it is understandable to patients and their families.

Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for: More than 5 years
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for: More than 5 years
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Phone: 847-922-8338
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I requested guidance from KL Services for questionable line items in a bill for a medical procedure. Kathy reviewed my charges and suggested that I submit a letter to my healthcare provider and obtain more details about the items. It was determined that there were errors in the original bill. As a result, my out of pocket payments were reduced by 57%. I highly recommend the billing advocacy services of KL Services. Kathy is very professional and provided outstanding support and advice to resolve my issues.
Martin in Indianapolis, IN | May 14, 2018
I contacted Kathy regarding a bill we received for an outpatient procedure. We had gotten no where with phone calls to the provider billing department. She extensively reviewed our information and wrote detailed letters for us to dispute bill with our insurance company and provider of procedure. I would highly recommend her services to navigate through a complicated health care system. for
Jackie Polakowski | December 28, 2017

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