Livingwell Care Navigation ~ New York, New Jersey & throughout USA

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Livingwell Care Navigation ~ New York, New Jersey & throughout USA
Livingwell Care Navigation ~ New York, New Jersey & throughout USA
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Barbara Abruzzo RN, BCPA
City, State, or Location:

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Montana, Colorado, Las Vegas, USA, Europe, Australia

Need Coronavirus Guidance & Support?

Facing a Serious Diagnosis or Surgery & Seeking the Best Doctors? 

Need a Second Opinion & Safest Treatment Options?

Looking to Age in Place?

Need Help Arranging Private Senior Care?

Enduring Complex Chronic Health Issues & Seeking Greater Well-being?

Livingwell can help. We are a national patient advocacy service that offers you expert professional guidance & medical decision support on how to safely navigate the medical system to find the right & best care. We work with private clients world-wide, providing professional guidance & support, on any health-related issue across the life span, from the premature infant to the homebound Senior. Our services range from comprehensive, integrative management of cancer, autoimmune, neurodegenerative & chronic disorders, persistent Lyme, patients pending hospitalization & surgery, Seniors aging at home or in a facility & ultimately, easeful dying.

Our Staff ~ Based in Manhattan, we have teams of RNs, MDs, LCSWs in every major city to assist you with care of your loved ones.

A Few Hospital Affiliations ~ NY Presbyterian, Sloan, NYU, HSS, Mayo, MD Anderson, Mass Gen, Stanford, UCSF, UCLA

Some Livingwell Accomplishments:

~ Facilitated transfer of a critically ill motorcycle accident victim from poor quality hospital into NY Presbyterian's renowned Burn Unit within 4 hrs of being retained.

~ Facilitated transfer of a cardiac-rehab patient from poor quality SNF in NJ into the highest-level rehab facility in NJ within 4 hrs of being retained.

~ Researched the best cancer clinics worldwide for a patient w/incurable cancer and got them transferred into a world renown clinic within a day of being retained.

~ Set up home-based ICU for a ventilator dependent client, then interviewed & hired round the clock ICU RNs & managed care.

~ Filed successful insurance appeal on 2 yr-old claim by getting the CEO of United Health to agree to pay over $250,000 in denied claims.

Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for: More than 5 years
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for: More than 5 years
For More Information:
Phone: 1-212-473-4157
Advocate's Rating: (5)
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I have worked with Barbara Abruzzo since August 2010. Originally I sought her advice regarding osteoporosis as well as symptoms of arthritis, fatigue, lethargy, brain fog, and memory lapse. After taking a thorough health and family history, she helped me establish a nutritional program to address these problems. Improvement was evident within the first three months, as greater energy and mental clarity began to appear. The positive changes continued and testing a year later showed that the downward trend in the osteoporosis was halted. I have maintained the dietary plan, along with exercise, and am very pleased at the ongoing feeling of increased well-being and health. Barbara has also been a helpful resource for my questions before surgery and has provided useful guidance in making medical decisions. In addition to being highly professional and medically competent, Barbara has a warm and intuitive approach that makes working with her a delight, and, in times of uncertainty, a comfort. Her interest in the total health of a person - physical, emotional, and spiritual - makes me feel very well cared for and safe. I highly recommend Barbara Abruzzo as a nutritionist, medical advisor, and specialist in whole health problem solving.
Christina, | October 30, 2018
I have been a Multiple Sclerosis patient of 25 years. I hired Barbara Abruzzo to help me find better care with better outcomes and I was already working with the head of the MS Department at Columbia Presbyterian! Barbara researched and referred me to who she considered was the best MS specialist in New York while helping me improve the quality of my physical and emotional well-being. After an extensive intake, Barbara referred me to a wonderful psychotherapist and put me on an excellent fitness and nutritional protocol for MS. This included a referral to an excellent Pilates instructor and a change in my diet and supplements which helped me to better manage the progression of my disease. Barbara is a brilliant, intuitive, compassionate & extremely connected healthcare professional who is an expert at assessing complex health care needs. She acts with a sense of urgency and her Rolodex is unparalleled. There’s no one else I know who equals her comprehensive intake and extensive research on physicians and treatments. She is the only person to work with if you have a progressive degenerative disorder and want the best and right care!
Lynn | October 12, 2018
Dear Barbara Abruzo, I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your steady professional hand as I was going through crisis with my Dad as he went through a massive heart attack, resulting in quintuple bypass surgery at St. Francis Hospital. It was your step by step guidance and navigation through the medical care system that allowed me to be present with my Dad through this crisis and offer him as much support as I could and still navigate the system of heath practitioners, hospital workers, hospital protocol and specialists. Your professionalism, knowledge of the health care system, and steady wisdom helped ground me in this time of emotional upheaval. Your guidance and recommendation for me to immediately switch hospitals to get my Dad the best care for his condition proved to be pivotal in saving his life. You presented me with such straight forward step-by-step instructions that I was able to follow and execute that enabled my Dad to get the best help possible in his time of need. I am more than happy and honored to recommend you as a highly skilled professional healthcare navigator and life coach to anyone facing a medical emergency or any health related issues. Please except my heart felt gratitude for your personal caring, guidance, and intimate knowledge of the health care system and your highly tuned in awareness of my Dad’s needs in crisis. I feel protected and blessed to have you as a close friend, professional health advocate and advisor for life.
Lars | September 19, 2018
It was difficult to navigate the complicated aspects of my mother’s ALS care. Barbara helped me to be there for my mother without the stress of choosing the best doctors & care for my mom. She was focused not only on my mother’s care, but on mine as well, showing me that my emotional state was important to be truly present for my mother. She saw that I was struggling & provided the emotional support that I needed during this very difficult time. I highly recommend Barbara, as her knowledge & wisdom are invaluable resources during critical times of need.
Jennifer, Staten Island | August 27, 2018
Before we met Barbara, we had bought a wheelchair for my ailing elderly mother, and my father was exhausted from attempting to take care of her, and becoming ill himself. Barbara met with our entire family for 3 hours and then found us a fantastic home health aide within days of beginning the search, an equally fantastic physical therapist who makes home visits, as well as, the best orthopedic surgeon and Geriatrician. Barbara also set up a diet and supplement regime for both parents that has also done them a lot of good. In less than a year, my mother now walks on her own with no wheelchair, cane or anything, and my dad has regained his health.Annie, our health aide, says that Barbara was always available for questions, and helped immensely in setting up routines and fine tuning the supplements, etc. My brother and sisters and I no longer worry during the day, because we know our parents are being well taken care of. Barbara did such a good job in setting us up, that we no longer need her on a continuous basis, but know that she is there if we ever need her for questions, doctor’s referrals, or anything else. Thank you Barbara!
Julie | November 15, 2017

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