McGuire Health Advocates, PLLC

McGuire Health Advocates, PLLC
McGuire Health Advocates, PLLC
Amanda McGuire Johnson

In-person services are available in Western North Carolina. Phone and Video Conferencing consultations are available in other states as well. Please call for further details.

Amanda encourages people to become active participants in their care.  Utilizing strong interpersonal and communication skills, she facilitates improved collaboration within your health care team.  She understands what is at stake.  Amanda will form an alliance with you and your loved ones to ensure the right questions are asked, thorough research is done, and informed health care decisions are made.


  • Prepare you for and/or accompany you to medical appointments.
  • Collect and process all the information about your care and explain what is happening.
  • Coordinate care and communication with each of your physicians.
  • Research all medical literature to discover the full range of treatment options for you.
  • Comprehensive review of your medications and supplements.
  • Create a unique timeline of your medical history.  (Think Cliff Notes version of your entire medical record for your wallet.)


  • Ask the right questions and relay information from medical visits.
  • Aid in safe and successful transition of care (critical after surgery or hospitalization).
  • Visit your loved one in a nursing facility.  Review medications and optimize care during their stay.
  • Teach you to be your family's best advocate


  • Home survey and lifestyle education.
  • Guidance on how to detoxify your home and body.
  • Personalized approach to determine the best foods for your body.
  • Strategies for stress reduction and energy renewal.


  • Strategies to enhance fertility naturally.
  • Guidance on supplementation before and during pregnancy.
  • All wellness & prevention services that are carefully adapted for this special time.
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When my mother had a serious and complicated medical crisis, Amanda was invaluable in assisting us to navigate the medical system, and I cannot imagine what we would have done without her help and expertise. My mother and I live 700 miles apart. While my mother was hospitalized, Amanda facilitated communication with my mother’s medical team, and researched and explained medical recommendations to both of us. She also offered reassurance, comfort, knowledge and guidance in the face of uncertainty. After discharge, Amanda provided detail about what occurred during my mother’s medical appointments via case notes posted on a secure website. In these clear and comprehensive notes, she wrote even more detail than what was written in the doctor’s note from the visit. Although I could not be there, I knew exactly what occurred, and understood the implications of the medical decisions my mother needed to make. When my mother began having concerning symptoms, Amanda instructed her to go to the Emergency Room, met her there, and made sure that the ER staff focused on the most pertinent information from my mother’s medical history. After surgery, Amanda helped arrange an overnight stay even though the surgeon initially wanted to discharge her home. Since I am not able to see my mother in person, Amanda has been my “eyes on the ground,” providing me with information about my mother’s appearance and state of mind, and reassurance about her ability to function in the community. So many people would benefit from a Health Advocate. Amanda provides unsurpassed care, knowledge, compassion, and experience and I would highly recommend her services.
Sara Cohen | September 17, 2018

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