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Medical Bill Problems Resolved
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Linda Michelson
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Based in Tri-Cities NY/NJ/CT, serves clients Nationwide

Are you being overcharged for medical services?    Are you being charged for services you did not receive?    Do your medical bills have “surprises” in them?  Do you have insurance denials?  Many hospital and physician bills have errors.  Insurance payments may be too low.  Is your patient balance too high?

Let’s manage your medical bills and reduce high balances. 

An expert is ready to help you. 


  • Review medical bills for errors and overcharges and insurance statements (EOBs) for denials.
  • Negotiate charge reductions with hospitals, physicians and other providers.
  • Review denied insurance claims and file appeals.
  • Review out-of-network bills and resolve high charges

Linda has more than 25 years of experience in billing and the revenue cycle at two top academic medical centers.

Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for
2 to 5 years
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for
2 to 5 years
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I don’t know what more of a glowing review I can add that everyone else hasn’t already said. She is amazing. I initially tried going it alone with the hospital to negotiate the bills down and got nowhere. After hiring Linda she stepped in and spoke with those same people and was able to cut my bills almost in half. She took all the stress of navigating and negotiating off of my shoulders. To top it all off, her rates were down right reasonable. Her work exceeded my expectations.
I pray that you do not find yourself in a situation where you need her services. If you are reading this review then you certainly need her help. Do not hesitate, call her, you will not regret it.

Conrad | May 11, 2023

I am so thankful for Linda’s help and saved thousands of dollars across several bills. She was able to negotiate current bills as well as get the hospital to recode visits that were done incorrectly. She was prompt with her communication and kept me updated during the entire process. I will soon be medically debt free with Linda’s help which is a wonderful feeling! I highly recommend!

Danielle | August 12, 2022

Extremely grateful to have found Linda Michelson. Linda knew how to navigate the system, who to call and what to expect. We would have never got the same results on our own.

Linda Michelson | February 2, 2022

Linda did a great job handling my disputed billing with a hospital. I had tried working with them for years with no results before Linda got involved. She was quick to contact them and got the matter settled within a few short weeks. Could not recommend her services more!

Blair | November 11, 2021

Very fortunate to find Linda to help with my medical bills It was a long road, but with Linda’s knowledge and persistence, my medical bills of $16,000, which were past due, were resolved for $578. Would highly recommend her services. Thanks again Linda.

Larry Graham | June 25, 2021

Linda was attentive, proactive and calming throughout the year process. She also saved me over 100K. I feel extremely fortunate to have worked with her. All the best Linda!

Joe Fiore | April 21, 2021

I am so thankful that I found Linda. I was carrying around a huge burden from medical debt, and she brought my costs down by 60%! Easy to work with, good communication, and did the work quickly!

Carson | January 26, 2021

Linda did a fantastic job helping me settle my hospital bills. She was always quick to respond and went above and beyond in her efforts to help resolve an unusual predicament. So grateful for all her hard work.

Dean | August 13, 2020

I am so happy I came across Linda’s info online. She was very responsive and got the job done! I’m blown away and very happy. I will be recommending her every chance I can. 10000 stars!

Rebecca | August 12, 2020

Linda is extremely professional, friendly, and exceptionally knowledgable. She was able to negotiate a reduction in my bill from $6,900 down to $1,159! I was blown away! I highly recommend her services if you’ve got medical bill problems. I have zero regrets and have recommended her services to 2 friends who are in similar situations as I was.

Alena C. | July 11, 2020

I’m so glad I was recommended to Linda. Her price is good. She got the bill to a zero balance. I could have never done that myself. She knew what to do and did a good job at it. I would tell anyone to call her if they have a bill they need taken care of. It took that burden of trying to get that bill resolved. I really appreciate that. I will call her again if I ever have a bill to be resolved in the future.
Thank you!

Ruthie Dipalma | May 28, 2020

I could not have managed my hospital debt without Linda’s help! She assisted me with contacting different providers and getting the collections agencies debt cleared. I would still be sitting with over $15,000 in debt if it wasn’t for her help.
I would definitely recommend her services!

Trevor | May 27, 2020

Linda was very thorough and was able to reduce our bills an additional 20% and 50% . It was a relief to not only have a bill reduction but to let someone skilled in medical billing negotiate on my behalf. Would recommend.

Brooke | February 5, 2020

We are so thankful to have found Linda for help with our medical bill! While we got no where negotiating with the hospital on our own, Linda was able to save us thousands off our bill! It was such a relief to have her advocating for us and speaking to the billing department on our behalf! We could not recommend her services enough! Thank you for everything Linda!

Laura | October 29, 2019

Linda is a competent and effective billing manager. She has saved me hundreds by noticing duplicate billing, overcharges, and questionable billing practices. I could not ask for a better advocate.

Greg | June 2, 2019

She was able to make sense and cut through red tape with the dual insurance I have. She was able to get tens of thousands of dollars off of my bills.

Mary | January 23, 2019

Linda is exceptionally knowledgeable about the medical billing industry. Without her expertise we would not have been able to navigate through policy fine print and medical codes. She is resourceful and because of her persistence she was able to negotiate down medical bills that were denied. Would definitely recommend her services.

R. Thibault | December 22, 2018

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