Medical Bill Support, LLC

Medical Bill Support, LLC
Medical Bill Support, LLC
Maureen Lamb

Boston, MA nationwide

Medical Bill Support, LLC navigates the medical billing maze and makes sense of your medical bills. We take care of the paperwork, make the phone calls, get your questions answered and advocate on your behalf. We work with individuals and companies nationwide and offer a free 15 minute telephone call to review your medical bills with you.


Do you have problems with paying out-of-network bills? Need help with appealing health insurance claim denials? We can help!
  • We help educate you about your medical bills and insurance statements (EOB's).
  • We review your medical bills for errors and fair and reasonable pricing and negotiate discounts when appropriate.
  • We make sure your insurance company paid your claims accurately and file appeals when necessary.


We work directly with your employees or your Human Resources staff.
  • We educate your employees about their medical bills and insurance statements (EOBs), resolve billing errors, appeal denied claims and negotiate discounts on bills.
  • We want to increase your employees’ productivity, decrease the burden on your Human Resources staff and save your company money with our Medical Bill Advocacy services.
  • For self-insured companies, we work with your Third Party Administrator (TPA) to evaluate and reduce your health care expenditures.
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  • Medical Bill Support, LLC
  • Medical Bill Support, LLC


Saved me a lot of money and not only this, Linda and Maureen provided emotional support to combat the stress involved in suprise medical bills and insutance claim denials. I work for healthcare and even I am confused by the “maze.” I highly recommend this company and their bill advocates.
Mae Verona | June 6, 2018

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Medical Bill Support, LLC



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