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MedWise Insurance Advocacy
MedWise Insurance Advocacy
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Adria Goldman Gross, FIPC
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New York Tri-State Area, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, USA and International

Medwise™  Insurance Advocacy, CEO, Adria Goldman Gross is a renowned figure in the New York area and across the country as a result of her extensive referral network of well satisfied clients. Her clients are thrilled to refer friends and relatives in need of her unique talent as a Medical Claim Advocate, dealing with complex medical billing put forth by the interface of the health care delivery system and insurance market place.

Adria has 30 years of experience in the insurance and advocacy field.  She uncovers discrepancies in diagnostic or procedure coding, finds loopholes through which insurance companies attempt to deny claims, and helps attorneys, individuals and families resolve medical claim matters usually reducing medical bills and liens.  

With her background in the insurance industry, Adria brings to her work a depth of knowledge that few others have. She started her own business in 2007, and, in spite of her own health issues, has grown that business and helped many clients who have been overwhelmed by their health care issues. She is considered to be someone who has great strength of character and who brings empathy and concern to her clients’ needs. She does not give up and truly goes the extra mile for her clients. Her colleagues attest to her integrity and support she provides to them when they call upon her for help.

Ms. Gross worked for two insurance companies and now she used that knowledge to save clients big money.  She has achieved extraordinary results for her clients by working out highly beneficial arrangements for those that have exhausted all other options.  Ms. Gross is the co-author of “Solved! Curing Your Medical Insurance Problems” and “Multi Payer Medicine Nightmare Made in the USA”, endorsed by Ralph Nader.

Phone: 845-238-2532
Advocate's Rating: (19)
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I have an unexpected large medical bill from a surgery. The Hospital Billing Dept. is making mistakes and though they corrected a few, they are generally unresponsive. Every time I try to point out an issue, they send my bill into review. While its in review, they mistakenly sent my Doctor's bill to a collection agency and it had to be recalled after I got someone at my insurance company to point out their error. Now they sent my hospital bill to a collection law firm while it was under review. The lawyer from the firm called me and is giving me misinformation (or out right lying to me). Mrs Gross is confidently giving me sound information on how to deal with the lawyer as a first step. Thank You
John | October 13, 2019
Thank you so much for you’re help Adria, without you I would still be stressing over $12,000 in medical bills from my last surgery. I would send anyone you’re way that is dealing with similar problems! Thank you again
Robert Bollenbach | October 9, 2019
Adria is sincerely concerned about helping her customers. She's seen the ins and outs of the medical billing world and is passionate about seeing people get fair treatment. I can personally attest to how wonderful Adria's services are, and the concern she has for people. Would recommend her any day.
James Denton | September 6, 2019
Adria at Medwise is an absolute . She helped me contest almost $8000 in medical bills that my insurance treated as out of network but should not have as there was a network deficiency and had covered other procedures days earlier. Adria relentlessly contacted the provider even reached out to upper management. Adria's superior knowledge of the business resulted in them being backed into a corner. The insurance paid and I owed ZERO! I highly recommend her because not only does she provide an incredibly valuable service but I felt like she really cared. She was upset about what the hospital and insurance were trying to do to me. Having Adria have my back and her being an aggressive advocate was an amazing experience.
Tyler E | July 27, 2019
I'm so thankful that I found Adria! Personable and caring, she was immensely helpful and effective in helping me successfully resolve a surprise hospital bill for almost $6000 for two standard outpatient tests. Her knowledge and expertise were instrumental in allowing me to dispute the charges confidently. The end result was I owed the hospital nothing. Highly recommend!
Brooke | July 17, 2019
My guardian angel ! I was charged for medications 41/2 years almost 5 years after being in the hospital with pneumonia. These charges for supposed to be covered under my co pay. Hospital missed the 90 day window to get paid. Adria jumped on the case and got the entire amount waived to a zero balance. She definitely knows here business and is the best! Highly recommended. My luck I found her and she didn’t disappoint.
John L | April 2, 2019
Thank you so much for helping me save on my $4200 surprise anethesia bill! Insurance refused to pay it despite my endoscopy being in-network. You we’re great to work with and I appreciate all of the hard work getting this resolved for me!
Courtney D | February 24, 2019
I am grateful that I found Adria Goldman Gross , the president of MedWise Insurance Advocacy. My original medical bills totaled approximately $27,000 and my health insurance company, who accepted my insurance premiums, later decided to deny the hospital bill and other medical charges. Six weeks after they received my premium, the insurance carrier realized my CVV credit card code was incorrect. It was a nightmare that now I was responsible to pay these charges. Without Adria’s assistance, I would be responsible to pay the entire bill, which I wound up only paying a minimal amount. I highly recommend Adria from MedWise whenever you might have any problems with your medical bills. She is a financial savior to me and my family
Gerard Maye | January 29, 2019
I can't recommend Adria highly enough. She saved me thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses. She is a true advocate in every sense of the word. It was such a relief to turn the burden over to a professional! I can't wait to read her book! If you are facing a large medical expense and don't know where to turn, do yourself a favor and talk to Adria.
Joe L. | January 23, 2019
Thank you, Adria. You are awesome and your services are invaluable. Of course, I really appreciate that you are also a bargain! Thank you for making your services affordable, too. We have gotten the new year off to a great start with your help.
Beth | January 9, 2019
So thankful to have found MedWise. Adria cares about her clients. Her knowledge and perserverance got us back $42,000 from the hospital. Don’t think twice before working with Adria. She took on our case like it was her family. We are deeply grateful. Rebecca
Rebecca | November 30, 2018
We used MedWise Insurance Advocacy for two large hospital bills from the same network when my husband was in there for 1-1/2 weeks. She saved us a lot of money and was very helpful and friendly. We saved over $10,000. I know that doesn't sound like a lot but it was for us.
Paul and Judy Hollingsworth | November 28, 2018
Adria listened carefully and provided guidance so useful that we mutually concluded that we didn't need further help. We had to beg to pay her for the time she did spend. She knows how to play the game - so if we ever do need a pro as our advocate, I would go to her without hesitation.
Jeff Bachrach | September 20, 2018
I had a surgery which had been “preapproved” prior to surgery . After the surgery I got a notice from my insurance saying my surgery was under review then subsequently denied. I didn’t think it was possible to treat people this badly. I contacted Adria, read her book and with her help was able to get this denial reversed. Adria was my only hope during this very stressful ordeal. She helped me by knowing the ins and outs of the insurance industry and also helped with conference calls. I would not have gotten this overturned without her. I only wish I had found her earlier!
Celeste Melson | June 11, 2018
I don't have the words to express how much Adria has helped out our family since my son was born. He had a heart condition which resulted in medical bills over a million dollars and she was able to settle for less than $25,000.00 which changed our financial course for life. Thank you Adria!!!
Cynthia Aizenstat | May 21, 2018
Adria Gross helped me to solve a six figure bill for "uncovered" service. I never could have solved this problem without her help. So I highly recommend you purchase her book, "Solved! Curing Your Medical Insurance Problems". This will help you come to your next fight with your insurance company better armed.
Kevin McDermott | May 3, 2018
I was so fortunate to have Adria at MedWise Insurance Advocacy assisting me with a six figure medical bill. Within a very short period of time she brought my medical bills down to zero! She is incredibly experienced in this field. I am amazed she has kept me from claiming bankruptcy. I highly recommend hiring MedWise!
Eric G. | March 14, 2018
I thought I was stuck with thousands of dollars in medical bills, with no one to turn to. Thank god I found Adria. She was able to save me over $87,000 in medical expenses.
Ted Skore | February 6, 2018
Thank you so much for your help. If it wasn't for you my hospital never would have been paid nearly $1,000,000 for my medical charge and I would have surely ended up bankrupt. Thank you!
Helen M | January 30, 2018

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