Melynda Ruckels RN MSN

Melynda Ruckels RN MSN
Melynda Ruckels RN MSN
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Melynda Ruckels
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Sacramento, Grass Valley, Davis, Truckee and most areas of Northern CA. I am available for distance work, also, especially if you need help with mom and dad and you cannot be there all the time for physician appointments and diagnostic testing.

I am an experienced clinical RN with 45 years of practice in all areas of nursing – emergency room nursing, critical care, cardiac rehabilitation and community health and wellness. I advocate for you. I work only for you. I do not work for the hospital, the doctor or the insurance company. I am a key member on your healthcare team.

As a Holistic Nurse, Patient Advocacy has been the main focus of my extensive nursing career. As a certified iRNPA (independent Registered Nurse Patient Advocate) I completed the nationally ranked RN Patient Advocates/University of Arizona College of Nursing Learning Intensive. I am part of the faculty at American River College Registered Nursing (RN) program in Sacramento, CA.

I am knowledgeable in all paradigms of medicine: conventional medicine (allopathic), Integrative Medicine and the Functional Medicine Chronic Care Model devoted to the treatment and reversing of chronic and autoimmune illness. My expertise extends to all clinical areas. I will attend physician appointments with you and be at your bedside if hospitalized. I speak the language of the doctors and nurses and will interpret for you.

Specializations include educating you on your medications, diagnoses, health challenges and choices to live a healthy lifestyle. My extensive background and experiences as an RN in healthcare enables me to be diverse in empowering others. My goal is to empower you to become your own advocate.

You can be healthy, happy and successful. Browse my website to learn what I can do for you.

I invite you to meet with me for an introductory meeting. I will ask you to explain what is happening and what conditions you are now facing. Knowing this, I will be able to explain how I might best be able to help you and discuss what services as an RN patient advocate I can provide that would be most advantageous for you.

Sessions are not intended to diagnose or make any attempt to treat or cure any disease condition.

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Phone: 916-300-1263
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