ModRN Health

ModRN Health
ModRN Health
CaRessa Hutchinson, RN

Nationwide services.
Headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas.

Our nurse-led care teams advocate for the patient first, and personalize member's engagement based on their individual needs.

ModRN Health simplifies healthcare. We guide you through the complex system of multiple providers, fragmented information, and confusing care. We develop personalized care plans based on your health and your measured engagement levels to optimize your outcomes.

We will show you how to benefit from appropriate medication management, pharmacy pricing tools that are guaranteed to save you money, and connect you to tools that avoid ever-increasing doses and more medications.

We work to educate, engage, and encourage you every step of the way on your healthcare journey, wherever and however that may be.  Our innovative systems make you the center of everything we do.

No insurance companies or government payers to answer to, means we are only concerned with your health, your outcomes, and your savings.

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  • Pharmacy savings
  • Nurse-led care


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ModRN Health



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