Montgomery Health Advocates, LLC

Montgomery Health Advocates, LLC
Montgomery Health Advocates, LLC
Mary Anne Hardy

Montgomery County, MD and Washington, DC area

Do you feel lost in the medical maze? Do you leave your doctor's more confused or frustrated than when you went in? Do you have several conditions that make medical treatment difficult?Do you feel like your doctor doesn't hear what you're saying? Do you need help navigating the health system and no one is available to you?

As health care has changed over time, people have become more and more lost in the maze that is health care. you need help at one of the most difficult times of your life. I've learned first-hand how frightening and frustrating medical care can be with my own parents’ experiences. It helps to have someone who can stand by you through the challenges you may face.

While health care providers have great expertise, they rarely know you, the patient, as well as you and your loved ones. Patient advocates and health care advocates help patients' voices to be heard. That is key to my work. Health care advocacy can make health care more effective and safe and less confusing. I help people make sense of the medical maze, express their needs clearly, get answers to questions they didn’t even know to ask, and find their way through that maze. Call if you think I can help!

I work with boomers who are dealing with major changes in their health for the first time, and families whose elders are facing tough decisions about their health care. I've worked with young adults and families with young children, too. And with those who simply need more help managing their medical care to feel better!


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Mary Anne was a tremendous help to me during a period of several years where I needed to find first a shoulder surgeon for multiple torn tendons, and then a knee surgeon for partial or total knee replacement. Mary Anne very patiently and thoroughly helped me sort through what data was available, traveled with me to be a second pair of eyes and ears with local surgeons, and helped me draft questions for others. We found a good shoulder surgeon and a famous knee surgeon who alas, did not produce a good outcome. Mary Anne was an enormous source of emotional as well as logistic support during the whole ordeal.  I strongly recommend the use of her services for helping sort out and think through the maze of decisions that must be made with very little data.
Sarah Lesher | July 30, 2018
Mary Anne provided a great mix of services as we made a hard medical decision. Her sensitive, timely skills at helping us talk through options were wonderfully clarifying and supportive. She sorted through and guided us to appropriate medical materials in a very timely way, attended visits and/or helped us get the most of them.
Jeff in Takoma Park | October 28, 2017

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