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Navita Health Advocates, LLC

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Navita Health Advocates, LLC
Navita Health Advocates, LLC
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Cathy Abreu
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Located in Easton Pennsylvania. Serving the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas.

Facing a new diagnosis or living with chronic illness has a profound impact on patients and their families and it’s easy to become intimidated and overwhelmed by multiple doctors, medications and treatment options. We help people understand their illness, talk to their doctors, and manage their medications and treatments. Patient advocacy and navigation services include: Diagnosis and Treatment Review – Explanation of recommendations and treatment options. Medical Records Review – Comprehensive review and discussion of all medical records. Medication and Supplement Review – Review of all prescription medications, over-the-counter medications and supplements to identify possible negative interactions and over-medication scenarios. Preparation for Appointments – Written prioritization of questions and concerns to discuss at doctor appointments. Accompaniment to Doctor Appointments – Professional, knowledge-based assistance with speaking to doctors and interpreting their replies. Healthcare Proxy and Advanced Directive Assistance – Provision of forms and assistance with completion. Hospital Bedside Supervision – Provision of bedside supervision while patient in hospital. We make sure basic care needs are met and talk with hospital doctors to coordinate testing and treatments. We act as a liaison between patient, doctors and family to enhance communication and patient outcomes. Facility Discharge Planning and Coordination – We coordinate discharge planning and be present during discharge to help interpret discharge instructions and facilitate discharge process. Transition of Care Planning and Implementation – Coordinate patient transition from facility to home; ensuring proper home services and equipment are in place to improve patient outcomes and reduce risk of re-hospitalization.

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  • Navita Health Advocates, LLC
  • Navita Health Advocates, LLC
  • Navita Health Advocates, LLC


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