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Nevada Patient Advocacy Services (Soul Sherpa)
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Lisa Berry Blackstock
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Based in Reno, Nevada, and providing services throughout the entire state as well as nationwide.

In business since 1990, I have seen the changes in the American healthcare system and understand how the system works (and doesn’t.) This requires knowledge and commitment; two of the skills I bring to my profession. Based in Southern California and Reno since 1990, I travel to clients nationwide to relieve them and their loved ones of the stress of competently navigating healthcare today. I offer navigation services in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, palliative care settings, and in clients’ homes. An experienced negotiator, I have the ability to positively impact all aspects of a client’s healthcare needs. Experienced in billing negotiation, I have saved clients tens of thousands of dollars. Understanding the business and politics of healthcare is essential, and the basics can be found in my app, DependableDoc — The Patient Push-Back App (free download through iTunes.) With a background as an estate administrator, my services also includes assistance with legal, financial, and insurance reviews. As survivor of chronic pain, finally relieved of trigeminal neuralgia in 2007 with brain surgery, I possess first-hand knowledge of tackling misdiagnoses, battling debilitating pain, and the clinical depression it often causes. Protecting my clients and seeing them properly cared for medically, emotionally, and from financial and insurance coverage perspectives is paramount to me. I am a self-taught patient advocate and have learned from my own experience in the trenches with my clients. Complimentary initial telephone consultations available. Detailed Scope of Service accompanied by one comprehensive flat fee. APHA, NAHAC member, certified palliative care counselor. Stellar references available; client and/or physician contacts matched to your specific circumstances.  For video testimonials please visit:

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Lisa is an exceptionally caring and knowledgeable patient advocate. She is helping us navigate the healthcare insurance issues and come up with the best possible solutions. In additions, Lisa has backup plans, that she is ready to use, so you won’t be left without an outcome that will work. On top of that, Lisa is responsive, and easy to contact at anytime.

Most importantly, Lisa is willing and capable to take a difficult situation, apply the current law, and if necessary take on the insurance company to help set a new precedent,

Janet in Encinitas, CA | November 22, 2017

Lisa is an amazing advocate. She is 100% reliable and fights tirelessly for her clients. My bill for a week in hospital with pneumonia was over $120,000 – without insurance. I found Lisa after going through several other lawyers who were very discouraging and asked for large fees to get a tiny discount for me. But Lisa knew that the bill was grossly unfair, did not stop until she felt they would not reduce any further, and got them to reduce it to $20,000. She asked from me only $2,000 in return. I am so lucky to have found her.

Thomas in Los Angeles | November 22, 2017

My advocate will always be number one with me! My health had deminish to the point that I wasn’t for sure recovery would ever be a future option. My advocate went above and beyond as she traveled in from L. A. to Nashville, Tennessee. We discussed my medical treatment options, then she immediately made a strong reccommendation for me to be evaluated by specialist in Los Angeles. Today I have regained hope while still attempting recovery only because she cared more than my own family did. A sad and embarrassing family story, but so very true!

Jack in Tennessee | November 22, 2017

Lisa has been working with our adult son for several months; our son suffers from chronic mental illness and learning disabilities and Lisa has been invaluable to us, his parents, in supplying weekly medications, helping him organize his appointments and activities of daily living, communicating with physicians and providing a support structure for him and us; Lisa is detailed and responsive, patient yet no-nonsense in dealing with our son’s sometimes challenging behaviors and, since we live about five hours drive from our son, Lisa’s weekly on site assessments have been key in keeping us appraised of updates.

Sally in Carmel, CA | November 22, 2017

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