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Nurse Patient Advocates- Elder Care Managers, Consultants, Board Certified Patient Advocates

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Owner and founder Laura Mendez
Nurse Patient Advocates- Elder Care Managers, Consultants, Board Certified Patient Advocates
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name:
Laura Mendez RN, BSN, CCM, BCPA
City, State, or Location:

San Antonio, Texas and all Surrounding areas: San Marcos, Kerville, Boerne, New Braunfels- Most Advocate Services can be done nationwide.

Overwhelmed by an illness, new diagnosis, or insurance question ? Call us to discuss your health care challenges. We can help you.

We hold your hand during your healthcare journey. We assist, guide you, and provide clarification to all of your questions. We guarantee that you will always see an improvement in access to services, patient outcomes, and    savings of time and money.  


We help you to find the right Doctors, Surgeons, Best Hospitals and Second opinions.

We prepare you for and accompany you to medical appointments and procedures. 

We research your diagnosis, answer questions and help clarify your treatment options 

We ask the right questions and relay information from medical visits to your loved ones.

We visit your loved one in their home, living facility, skilled care facility or hospital. 

We advocate on behalf of clients who are separated by distance from their adult children. 

We Save you Money:

Assist in overcoming restrictions to Health Insurance Coverage.  We negotiate Medical bills, Disputes, assist with Appeals and Declined Claims.We research hidden Insurance Benefits and all health care options. 

Call us to see how we can  210-932-0000  |  or call or text to  210 -669-2222

Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for:
More than 5 years
Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for:
More than 5 years
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Advocate's Rating:
  • Board Certified Patient Advocate
  • Proud member of APHA


I work as a sales director at a memory care facility. Laura is a wonderful advocate and does an amazing job assisting us with care needs for our residents. We are grateful for her care, advocacy, dedication and guidance.

Terryl | May 21, 2021

Laura assisted me 6 months ago during two hospitalizations to include a life-threatening pulmonary embolism. She helped me allocate resources – In-home mobile practitioners, medical equipment and diagnostics testing.  During both of my hospitalizations she advocated on my behalf with my team of doctors and nurses.  Laura was also there every step of the way during my hospital transitions. Laura truly deserves my highest recommendation for her advocacy and care management services. Her website is
Thank you, Laura, for helping me during a lengthy time of urgent need, and for your navigation and seeing me through what for me was a confusing, otherwise stressful process!!
It is so evident to me that your heart for your people is your driving force!! My sincerest thanks to you!!! Jason

Jason | May 15, 2021

“Hello. My name is Greg Perkins. I am the founder and owner of In Home Senior Care. In my 20 years of being in business, I have had the pleasure of meeting many outstanding care professionals. One of them, in particular, is Laura Mendez. And, it is my pleasure to extoll the virtues of Ms. Mendez. I personally know her to be a consummate professional in every sense. Her care and devotion to her clients is truly her hallmark. In working with Ms. Mendez, I have seen the hard work and compassionate care that is required and sometimes is lacking in the industry. I highly recommend Laura as an Advocate for yourself or your loved ones…..”

Greg P. | January 23, 2021

Laura has been an amazing helper / guide / friend / advocate in caring for my 96-year old father the past year. She helped us with the big decisions, such as the choice of a personal care home and which hospital to take my father to when needed. She partnered with the caregivers at the personal care home, and created an incredible collaboration amongst management, staff, and hospice workers. Laura kept track of all elements of my father’s care and was there with us at the end of his life here on earth. We have been extremely blessed.

Beyond that, she did the little things to make sure my dad felt special — like bringing him a milkshake from time to time, and helping him stay in touch with family and friends when he had problems with his cell phone. We were able to proceed through this last chapter of my father’s life with confidence, as a result.

Laura knew the questions to ask at all times regarding quality and cost of care. She brought an objective perspective and her experience in health care, and extensive knowledge of elder care, showed at all times.

I could not give a higher recommendation.

Hal Chappelle | January 22, 2021

Laura Mendez has been terrific and I couldn’t be more pleased with all she has done for my father ! From day 1 she has been a strong advocate for him and has done so much to improve the quality of all his medical care. She has gone to all his major medical appointments and has worked tirelessly to make arrangements to help us manage all continued doctor ordered treatments. I highly recommend Laura to all looking for a Patient advocate!

David Pacheco | January 19, 2021

Laura Mendez, my personal health care advocate

Laura Mendez, my nurse advocate so far for four months, has been an amazing blessing to me, not only finding fabulous doctor specialists and the testing, scans and lab work ups I need for everyone. She’s coordinating and taking me to all my dr appointments understanding and remembering all that’s discussed since I lost all short term memory from a terrible accident. 

There aren’t enough words of thanks for her being found to help me with all my medical issues and finding the most respected and knowledgeable doctors who take the time during appointments with me and are conservative and thorough with every health issue I have (15+)…

Laura has been not only a true blessing to me, but follows up with me every day even when we have no appointments, has lovingly brought flowers occasionally to brighten my day. I’m mostly home bound, esp w Coronavirus and my lack of an immune system requiring weekly SubQ infusions that userp all my energy and quality of life from anywhere 2-4 days afterwards, leaving only a day or two out of bed weekly.

I’ve never known anyone to be as empathetic, patient, sincere, always looks and has a beautiful heart and personality.

I do believe (as I’m crying now writing) that everything happens for a reason; my mom who’s always been my best friend and medical helper, now my angel and no longer with me has placed Laura in my life to help me and I feel very strongly that she placed and knew she was the one I’ve needed to help me.

Laura coordinating every dr appt, picking up my prescriptions for me and the occasional items I need ASAP from the pharmacy or grocery for me is so appreciated.

My only regret in sharing how amazing Laura is, is that so many people needing great help will read my message about her making less time for her to be my nurse advocate.

Her heart is worn on her sleeve, she encourages me to do all I can, never overstepping me and helps organize my thoughts to rephrase them to doctors for me and always sits quietly allowing me ownership of sharing myself with doctors and nurses what and how I’m doing and knows when I need her to interject and help share my thoughts, feelings and makes me feel like I’m her only client when I know she has so many others she helps.

I cannot say enough about the difference in my mental and medical well being she’s helped and continues to do.

Thank you for all you do, keeping me motivated, remembering verbally and with notes of what to remember to do, and as I need, the words written out to ask a dr office for.

Having been to Mayo Clinic in beautiful Rochester, Minnesota, Laura coordinates each and every appointment and makes sure all doctors are getting every test and lab result as effortlessly as Mayo does. You’re amazing and always smile and work hard to get me to smile and laugh every day and brings apple slices for me if, as often I do, forget in case my blood sugar plummets and if there’s time will stop for me to have a social moment and waits in my Navigator happily loving the massage seats my car has with my service dog so I can go get my coffee which makes me happy with the first sip.

Thank you for your continued and attentive support I continue to need, how appreciative I am to have your help, support, patience with me even when I forget, repeat myself as I hope I haven’t here…
You have become a sister to me, family (family I like spending time with…) not just my nurse advocate.

Thank you sincerely for all you do-

Carrie S
San Antonio, TX
(and Bentley, my huge Great Dane service dog who helps me w not only mobility and stability, but a lot more)

Carrie S | July 27, 2020

Laura helped me tremendously in 2019. Laura came with me to my pre-operation appointment. She took notes – The amount of information to absorb was overwhelming. She helped me organize questions prior to my appointment – and helped me to remember to ask all the questions I had. After my surgery, she helped me focus on what I needed to get from the post-operation appointment. Her expertise, caring heart and calm guidance combined with her warm bedside manner helped me bridge the gap between medical professionals and myself. she was able to deliver some very difficult information in a compassionate an empathetic way.
Victoria Guzman, Somerset Texas

sen ken | April 26, 2020

I finally got around to entering a review for Laura. Laura M’s vast medical knowledge combined with her caring and empathy for individuals trying to figure out today’s medical system is invaluable. Laura will take a stand to ensure your questions are answered and you receive the best care available. She has assisted me on many occasions to ensure my medical professionals were listening to my requests and understanding the scope of my complex medical diagnosis.
Lesly T. From Kerrville Texas

Lesly T. | March 19, 2020

Laura M – Thank you for all your support and guidance and professionalism. During the past 3 weeks you have been a great help through all our medical obstacles we faced. Your kind heart and love for what you do is truly amazing. Thank you so very much. David and Linda Gomez

David Linda Gomez | March 17, 2020

I highly recommend her work and her area of expertise. While my wife was in rehab she evaluated her condition and she could no longer live at home and would need to move into a living care facility. She then took me to investigate three such places and one of which I saw was ideal for her and was very close to our house and she has adjusted to her new home. We are very grateful to Laura for all that she did for us. Sincerely, Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Bonnie A. Siebert | March 17, 2020

I had such a wonderful experience with this company. Laura and her team worked quickly to move my father into a private care home in less than 24 hrs. Laura was a available for all my needs and questions. They made the appointment and met me there. Once my father was placed Laura visited him a couple of times to check on him. She called and texted me following the placement. Laura made a difficult transition pleasant. I highly recommend Laura.

Kimberly | March 15, 2020

Laura is an exceptional patient advocate!   She has been providing care management for my father for over 18 months.  She has been my father’s Voice, Eyes, and Ears.  She has accessed better care for my father. Has provided valuable oversight during his multiple hospitalization and rehabilitation stays.   Beyond her knowledge and expertise related to all things elder care / and Medicare what makes Laura different is her heart, kindness and her passion for what she does.  She is truly amazing.  Respectfully Jack Harrison.

Jack Harrison | March 10, 2020

Laura was a great help to me when my mother needed to find assisted living. She took me on tours of several homes until we found the one that worked for my mother and for myself. She is knowledgeable, kind and cares for those she works with. Highly recommended.

Sherry | March 9, 2020

Being a single person, I came to the conclusion that it was to my advantage to have a second set of ears to start attending doctor visits. I also wanted someone to take notes to supplement my own notes. I needed a health advocate.

Laura Mendez more than met the qualifications that I was looking for. Being a registered nurse, she would know the lingo and be proactive with her own questions.

Since I started using Laura as my health advocate, I have been more than pleased with the results. My plan is for her to be my advocate for ALL of my health needs. She has been with me to multiple types of doctors. Not only has she been taking good notes but has asked good questions as well.

After each visit, I receive a typed recap of the details of the meetings. A few times Laura’s notes have brought up points that my own notes didn’t cover.

If you are looking for a health advocate, I can highly recommend Laura Mendez.

Duane Eaton | February 25, 2020

Laura helped me and family find qualified specialist for my aunt.  She is compassionate, professional, resourceful  and knows how to navigate the health care system.  She provides Care management for my aunt on a weekly basis.  She accompanies her to her appointments and procedures, and does a wonderful job of communicating her progress. Keep up the great work Laura !!

Carlos Mendoza | February 24, 2020

Laura did an excellent job in helping me with my mom. She attended her doctor’s visit while I was working and provided me with information from her visit. She also arranged her next appointment.

Stacy Marlin | February 24, 2020

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