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Pathfinder Patient Advocacy Group®

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Pathfinder Patient Advocacy Group®
Pathfinder Patient Advocacy Group®
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Cindi Gatton
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For in person services, metro Atlanta, GA. All services can be delivered nationwide.

Pathfinder Patient Advocacy Group® was founded because we believe patients and their families should have a qualified and trusted resource to help navigate a personal path through a fragmented healthcare system no matter where a patient finds themselves. We leverage over 30 years’ experience from within the healthcare system to identify barriers our clients are facing, whether they relate to issues surrounding their care, or issues related to cost of care, including insurance and medical billing navigation. After an initial consultation, we customize a plan of action. Clients have the option of executing the plan on their own, or retaining Pathfinder Patient Advocacy Group® to execute it on their behalf.

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More than 5 years
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More than 5 years
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A hospital began sending us a bill for a surgery my wife had 14 months prior. Insurance had denied the claim as being outside the statute of limitations timeframe for billing. Cindi Gatton at Pathfinder was able to wade through and thoroughly document the complicated maze of errors between the surgeon’s office, my insurance, and finally the hospital ¬– that led to the hospital not getting paid in a normal fashion by insurance. She was able to have the hospital suspend the bill collector requests for payment. Then, she was able to navigate up the levels of hospital bureaucracy and convince hospital management it was their mistake, and we should be held harmless and the bill written off. Go Cindi!
Although the process took over six months, given the complexity of everything, I feel it was a reasonable amount of time. She was in frequent communication by email and phone explaining what she was doing and the status of everything. The fees were beyond reasonable for the amount of telephone calls and research that was required.
I freely and without reservation give Cindi and Pathfinder five stars and would give more if there was any more available.

Tom and Beverly Fort | January 8, 2021

Cindi made my day today!!! After several denials for a procedure by my insurance company, Cindi put together an appeal to the insurance company. Unfortunately, the appeal was denied and I was ready to throw in the towel. Cindi convinced me to take it one final step for a peer review. Cindi did all of the work for this final step and today I received in the mail an approval of the procedure. Cindi was easy to work with and very professional. I would highly recommend her services.

David | July 29, 2020

Very grateful to have worked with Cindi Gatton at Pathfinder as an advocate dealing with ongoing complicated medical billing issues with Emory University. Coping with life changing illness is stressful in and of itself; constantly battling billing errors for the very medical care keeping one alive, is not something the family has reserve energy to fight daily. Cindi is knowledgeable of systems on the provider side as well as insurance involved. She is compassionate, fair in pricing, and her experience relative to so many areas relative to healthcare served us well at a most difficult time in our families life. Errors she identified offset her fees incurred. She is the definition of “advocate” at a time when you need the most.

Lisa Clock | May 14, 2019

Cindi is absolutely terrific! She was most helpful with a complex situation and really follows up. She is a kind person and very easy to work with. Her fees are quite reasonable. I recommend her highly!

Alec Chester | February 1, 2019

I used Cindi Gatton at Pathfinder to help me understand and work with Northside Hospital in Atlanta on a hospital billing issue for my mother. It was quite complicated and Cindi was able to help me understand the issues, worked with Medicare, our supplemental medicare provider, and the hospital. Cindis work saved my mom “thousands” of dollars that we thought we would have to pay. Cindi is great at what she does and is a fantastic person. Cindi was not only helpful, she was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.

Lee Freedman | May 10, 2018

Very helpful information given. She is an upfront and knowledgeable person.

Sara Niebruegge | February 5, 2018

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