Patient Advocacy & Beyond, LLC

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Patient Advocacy & Beyond, LLC
Patient Advocacy & Beyond, LLC
Lead Advocate or Care Manager's Name: Kayoko 'Ky' Corbet, BCPA, RN, BSN, MS
City, State, or Location:

The Greater Baltimore Area, Howard County & Montgomery County, Maryland.
Phone/Internet-based services - Nationwide.

Patient Advocacy & Beyond provides comprehensive support for patients and their families - Advocacy, Education, Case Management, and Coaching (depending on your need and situation). We help you navigate the healthcare system maze, achieve your health goals, and significantly improve your safety. Not only that, we strive to save your time and money too - by reducing miscommunication, unnecessary/ low-value treatments/tests.

When it comes to healthcare, many personal and situational factors, and as well as the timing significantly influence your outcomes. Unfortunately, our highly-fragmented healthcare system cannot address those important factors consistently. This situation has led the whole system to be error-prone, ineffective, wasteful, and often super-expensive.

We serve our clients by holistically addressing ALL CRITICAL FACTORS for EACH UNIQUE CLIENT. We watch for your best interests ferociously and fight for them if necessary! This approach often results in a dramatic improvement in the outcome, overall cost, and peace of mind. That's the goal of Patient Advocacy & Beyond.

Examples of our services:

  • Navigate Diagnoses Treatment Options – Review, explain and clarify options, help you make sense of your options and make the right decision.
  • Communication Shared Decision-Making – Make sure your clinical team listens to and incorporate your wishes and inputs.
  • Medication issues - Review medication safety, help you get the right medication or get it most economically. If warranted, reduce your medication load via collaboration with your doctors and pharmacists.
  • Bedside monitor & Collaborate with clinicians at medical facilities as your advocate - To protect your safety and achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Advising & Coaching – Customized plan to improve/maintain your condition economically.
Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for: More than 5 years
Experience: I have worked in private, independent practice for: 2 to 5 years
Phone: 443.341.6262
Advocate's Rating: (2)
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  • Patient Advocacy & Beyond, LLC
  • Patient Advocacy & Beyond, LLC
  • Patient Advocacy & Beyond, LLC


Ky is an awesome nurse and advocate. With a long list of illnesses, my caregiver and I struggled so much managing my health care before meeting her. Once she started working with me, I felt all my worries were lifted – she checked all my medications, made sure I take them correctly, my blood pressure under control, and so on. She also communicates well with my multiple doctors and makes sure their plans are indeed best for me. Above all, she really cares about my whole health and is great at encouraging me to take right action for my health. I used to spend most of my day sleeping but I now exercise daily- what a big difference she made!
Robert Johnson | August 15, 2019
I’ve been struggling multiple chronic illnesses, including Lyme and Babesiosis that frequently lead to excruciating pain, insomnia, GI and neurological issue. But I was lucky enough to meet Ky who really helped me with her knowledge, warmth and insights. As a patient advocate, she went above and beyond to properly educate and guide me to the best possible path. She is incredibly smart and I know for a fact that she will do great things in healthcare. I highly recommend Ky’s services to everyone. Melissa M., Columbia, MD
Ky Corbet | December 5, 2017

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Listing Title: Patient Advocacy & Beyond, LLC



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