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Patient Advocate Bay Area, Inc.
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Linda Garvin
City, State, or Location

Bay Area, CA and Nationwide

“We are Available during the COVID-19 Pandemic”

During these challenging times of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are still providing the guidance, education & medical decision support you need regarding your health care. We are working remotely with our clients, through face time, phone conferences and Zoom video chats.

We also provide one-hour phone consultations, for those who do not want to engage in a long-term client relationship.

If you or your loved ones have unexpected injures, are confused by medical information from your doctor, need guidance exploring surgical or health treatment options, or are experiencing health concerns with a parent or relative, we are available to help you sort through these challenges.

Our first specialty has been working with individuals who have multiple chronic conditions and cancer. This may include a new cancer diagnosis, autoimmune disorder  or a serious cardiac problem. We provide education on your health problems and help you identify the pros and cons of treatment options. We help with decision making, offer integrative care options, palliative care and survivorship wellness planning

Our second specialty is working with middle aged & aging parents.
If your aging parents are brought to the ER & you need assistance in coordinating their health care or transitioning your relative from home to the hospital, hospital to rehabilitation and/or to home based services, we are available to help you. We can assist with long term care planning & can be a set of local “eyes and ears” for relatives who live out of town or across the country.

We feel privileged to have worked and helped so many individuals and families over the years and “our allegiance is always with our client”.

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More than 5 years
Experience: I have provided patient support and assistance for
More than 5 years
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  • Patient Advocate Bay Area, Inc.
  • Patient Advocate Bay Area, Inc.


Linda is a great advocate for maintaining one’s health. I have had bilateral knee surgeries [3 surgeries on each knee, including a left knee replacement], moderate arthritis, severe degeneration & scoliosis. I hired Linda as a health consultant to get some information and instruction on stretching, nutrition & wellness recommendations. I am a long distance biker rider & want to continue with this activity for as long as possible. Linda was a great resource & health couch. She provided me with some outstanding suggestions on which foods & ingredients that could be contributing to my inflammation, along with those food sources that would be helpful for healing and lower the amount of inflammation in my body. I really appreciated the information she provided me on what home care products could be harmful to my health, with recommendations on cleaner & cheaper products, as well as how I can reduce my exposure to unsafe chemicals in my cosmetics & personal care products.

Carolyn | October 28, 2017

As a physician who works long hours and is frequently “on call”, I initially contacted Linda for assistance and guidance in improving my sleep. She provided me with a variety of helpful nutritional,exercise and relaxation tools that have helped my sleeping patterns tremendously.After meeting with Linda I not only slept better,but had more energy.Linda has a passion for helping individuals and I found her caring approach extremely beneficial.I could not find this type of advocacy and guidance from the medical community itself. I hired Linda again to research all the possible interactions of my current medications,vitamins, and the possible toxins in my home care products.She did an excellent job researching and organizing the information.The finished product was easy to use as a reference guide,in a format that highlighted the pertinent websites and was an exceptionally comprehensive review.I have utilized her summary several times, when I’ve met with physicians.In every instance,the customized health information improved my decision making skills. Linda is a superb patient advocate to have on your team.

Aviva in Burlingame, CA | October 28, 2017

I have worked with Linda intermittently over the past eight years for three complicated surgeries I have needed on my left knee. Linda’s advocacy on my behalf facilitated my medical treatment, by giving me guidance on the different treatment options available for my orthopedic problems, arranged a second surgical opinion, offered education on my medications & even provided the names of some orthopedic surgeons who accepted my medical insurance. She also provided my physician with the names of some excellent physical therapists near my home, as well as suggesting the type of equipment I would need for home use following my surgeries. Although I needed pain medication after each surgery, I experienced a smoother recovery from Linda’s expert planning & discussions with my physician. She provided me with different options so I could make informed choices about my surgeries, treatment plans & pain medications. I have incorporated many wellness strategies she provided to me & feel I will be able to maintain these changes in my life for years to come. Linda’s nursing expertise & advocacy were invaluable to my recovery. She was extraordinary knowledgeable and resourceful and I will continue to use her services for my health problems in the future.

Helen in San Jose, CA | October 28, 2017

I hired Linda as a patient advocate several years ago when I had a sudden onset of a detached retina in my right eye and felt that she contributed to my successful recovery. In one of our most healing sessions, she helped me using interactive guided imagery. Twelve years later, I found myself recovering from a more complex, four hour retinal surgery in my left eye. Linda came to the rescue again. Initially, I could not even drive, read, use the computer or watch television. Linda was great in providing advice to assist me with managing my home care and routine activities of daily living. She helped me to relax by using her expertise in mind-body relaxation techniques. Linda has been a blessing in developing an approach to re-starting part-time work. She also provided excellent advice to help me complete my state medical disability forms. She helped me to communicate more effectively with my physician to obtain medical updates relating to my progress in response to human resources requests from the company where I work. Linda would be an enormous asset to anyone facing a challenging health issue because of her insights and unique combination of advocacy skills and nursing expertise.

Debra in San Rafael, CA | October 28, 2017

I have rheumatoid arthritis with joint stiffness and soreness throughout my body. Although I had been enrolled in a physical therapy program for 6 weeks, I was not progressing very much. I contacted Linda for wellness coaching and to learn some Pilates mat exercises. Linda helped me develop a highly effective exercise program that I can easily do on my own at home in a reasonable and doable time frame. The result has been less pain and stiffness as well as an increase in range of motion, flexibility and muscle tone. I feel Linda took a genuine interest in my well being and also provided me with lifestyle and nutritional guidance to help reduce inflammation, control pain and joint stiffness as well as to help prevent flare-ups of my arthritis. Her health guidance and supportiveness have been a tremendous benefit to me. I found Linda to be a very knowledgeable nurse advocate and health coach and I would highly recommend her services for health-related problems as well as wellness, exercise and nutrition strategies for optimal health.

Terry in Tiburon | October 28, 2017

I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months after moving to Alameda from Nova Scotia, Canada. I was unfamiliar with health insurance issues in the US, but luckily I found Nurse Health Advocate, Linda Garvin. Linda helped me navigate the health system and assisted me in making critical decisions about complex treatment recommendations. Linda helped me develop a detailed list of questions for my surgeons and oncologists. Together we reviewed different treatment options specific to my type of cancer. We discussed my diet, cancer fighting food choices prudent for pre-surgery and radiation therapy and prevention of further cancer. Linda encouraged me to develop a personal health record that has proven to be a great tool for physician’s appointments, surgery and emergencies, as well as a post surgical discharge list in preparation for my recovery at home. Her professionalism, knowledge, expertise and compassion were invaluable to me at a time when informed decisions and support were critical to me and my family. Linda is a superb Nurse Health Advocate; definitely someone you want on your team whenever you or a family member is facing threatening or difficult health care situations.

Cheryl in Alameda, CA | October 28, 2017

I hired Linda to work with a friend of mine in her early twenties who lives in New York City. My friend had a health problem that required her to see a Gynecologist and was informed she may have a pre-cancerous cervical condition. She was scared and unable to react fast enough to even get to a physician in a timely manner. Linda recommended that my friend also see a second gynecological physician who has successfully treated several patients with this problem. Linda’s great advocacy and health coaching skills resulted in an extremely satisfying outcome. Linda was able to accomplish the following: Quickly assess my friend’s health situation, outline what needed to be done and had her seeing both physicians within the next 8 days. Linda helped her understand her condition in easy to understand terms and assisted in preparing for both of her medical appointments with a couple of short coaching sessions on the phone. Linda gave my friend a better understanding of her condition. This gave my friend a greatly needed sense of confidence to deal with the medical world and her own health problem. Most importantly, Linda relieved my friend of her fears.

Eileen in San Francisco | October 28, 2017

Before I took a job out of state, I used caregivers to assist with my mother’s independent living. When she moved to assisted living, I thought “outside” assistance would be unnecessary. I was wrong. While regular meals and on-time meds were no longer a problem, what I did need was a set of local “eyes and ears” who could accompany my mother to medical and dental appointments and who could act as her advocate. Linda has been exceptional in every regard. Linda not only makes appointments and transports my mother to each, she provides timely, detailed reports and provides me with her own observations on each visit; she insures medications are appropriate and updated. I am convinced I would use Linda’s services to some degree, even if I wasn’t 3,000 miles away! Linda’s thoroughness and obvious medical expertise allow her to raise questions and address issues which might otherwise go unnoticed; and her continuing advocacy and vigilance have prevented health crises, and unnecessary hospitalizations from occurring: the neurologist considered a second medication for Alzheimer’s that dramatically improved my mother’s mood; the cardiologist decreased her cardiac medications resulting in a more stable heart rate; a physical therapy referral after observing an unsteady gait, made my mother physically stronger walking with a cane. My mother recently turned 90, is medically stable and has an enhanced quality of life, Thanks to Linda.

Karen in Washington, DC | October 28, 2017

We were at our wits end trying to help our sister. She had multiple doctors, cabinets full of medications, confusion on what was wrong, and no answers. Linda helped us sort through the turmoil and advocate for her. She managed numerous complex diagnoses & symptoms, as well as communications with a multitude of physicians & caregivers. By attending physician appointments, along with her numerous years of nursing experience and expertise, Linda was able to provide updated education & coaching regarding the multiple health challenges we faced, including an understanding of how numerous diagnoses can affect each other. She advocated for our sister, educating her about the specialists on her team and the various treatments each would be providing. Linda possesses excellent communication skills, sensitivity & has an excellent rapport with all health professionals & caregivers she has interacted with. She was able to provide transition support and guidance from independent to assisted living to our sister, who was initially very resistant to move. She is now very pleased to be in this new facility. Linda assisted our family in becoming empowered health care consumers & made a daunting situation completely manageable.

Carol in San Mateo | October 28, 2017

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