Patient Advocates for All

Patient Advocates for All
Patient Advocates for All
Rebecca Johnson

7144 Fair Oaks Blvd. #1a Carmichael, CA 95608

I have a true passion for keeping you informed and educated, so that YOU can become the best advocate for yourself and/or your loved one.

I chose to become a professional patient advocate, because I have walked in your "shoes", down the hallways of hospitals, confused, overwhelmed and uneducated on a new diagnosis just given to a loved one.

I chose to become a professional patient advocate because I have had elderly relatives who needed care and resources that I once didn't know existed.

My goal in working with you, is to become a part of your world, helping you get the answers you need and deserve and assisting you with gaining the very best resources and providers available.

My specialty is in two areas: Cancer Diagnoses and Treatment and Geriatric Care. I have a team of professional advocates who are also part of APHA whom I work with in all other areas of patient advocacy.

My background is Social Services, with an emphasis in Geriatric Care. I have a Bachelor's degree in Social Work from CSU Sacramento. I own a resource and placement agency in Sacramento, Ca, and have now expanded our services to include Geriatric Care Management. I have been trained in the areas of dementia, direct client care, in home care and hospice and am able to provide quality referrals to senior care communities as necessary.

As a Cancer Advocate, I have 15 years advocating for patients with cancer. Not only do I have professional experience, I have personal experience as well. I walked along side my first husband through two cancers, one being a blood cancer that resulted in seeking out clinical trials and ultimately looking for a qualified donor for a Bone Marrow Transplant. I lived and breathed the hospital with him and have continued to use my vast knowledge from this experience to advocate for other cancer patients when they are overwhelmed and not understanding or being offered options.

Patient Advocates for All
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Patient Advocates for All



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